The Undrikable Can is a bold combination of satirical art and activism. This project aims to highlight the environmental disaster and alarming health issues caused by the Coca-Cola Company. Designed by the unnamed Art Collective QSTRMNK emerged as a sharp commentary that received a lot of attention. Involving the production of 1,500 specially made limited edition cans, each containing Coca-Cola and permanently sealed, making it impossible to drink.

Each can, priced in order and decorated with a unique display number, contains the standard 39 grams of sugar found in a typical Coca-Cola, highlighting the issue of consumption and its consequences. Satirical art projects raise both pros and cons, encouraging viewers to consider the paradox of desirability and impossibility while raising questions about the market’s valuation of art.


Through this project, designers want to raise awareness about the environmental and health impacts associated with the Coca-Cola Company. Some of the points highlighted include Coca-Cola’s role in exacerbating plastic pollution, contributing to increasing diabetes rates, and worsening water scarcity. In addition to playing a strategic role, The Undrinkable Can took a bold financial step by shorting Coca-Cola shares on the Nasdaq. This action aims to challenge the company’s practices and strengthen the message despite the risks involved.

According to the design team, “At the end of the month, 100% of the profits from ‘The Undrinkable Can’ will be invested in shorts against Coca Cola shares on the Nasdaq, a position we plan to hold publicly over several months,” explains the team. “Coca Cola shares go up, we lose. If the price of Coca Cola shares goes down, we win.”

However, if the sale of this project proves profitable, they will donate all the profits from this short-term sale to three different NGOs based in Chiapas, which are fighting against Coca Cola’s monopoly on water extraction in the region. Debuting at Zona Maco, Latin America’s largest art fair, the artwork has sparked intrigue and much debate, positioning itself as a driver of social and environmental awareness. This product is also still available for ordering if you are someone who cares about the environment and really prioritizes health!







source: theundrinkablecan

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