Back in August 2020, Kerryanne from Shabby Art Boutique started a wonderful project called The Travelling Postcard. 
The idea behind it is/was to connect crafters around the world and share some love and joy during harsh Covid times. 
The original postcards were sent by Kerryanne, and out of the three, just one – this one, remained travelling. Once you receive the postcard, you are assigned a person to send it to next, along with some goodies so as to bring a smile to the person receiving it. 

The goodies in the photos were included along with the postcard in an amazingly decoupaged envelope, and I cannot tell you the excitement I felt while opening it, and going through each of them. They are absolutely gorgeous (THANK YOU PAM!). You know how I love to have catching backgrounds/backdrops for my photos, and these lovelies will be loved, treasured and creatively used.