As 2023 has ended, let’s check out the hottest home decor trends from TikTok. One big idea from last year was: “In my house, we never use the big, bright light.” This quote means people liked softer lighting instead of harsh lights. Let’s look at what made our homes stylish and comfy, according to TikTok.

1. Soft Lights, Not Bright Lights

Image: Tatiana home decor

Instead of big, bright lights, people on TikTok preferred softer lighting. Think small lamps and fairy lights that you can change to make the room feel just right.

2. Eco-Friendly Stuff


Image: Nymphs

Using things made from natural materials like bamboo or recycled stuff was big. This trend wasn’t just about looks; it was about being kind to the planet.

3. Smart Use of Space



With many still working from home, finding smart ways to use space was key. TikTokers showed off cool ideas like foldable desks and hidden storage.

4. Fun Walls


Image: hommeboys

Plain walls and celings were out. Bold wallpapers and painted walls were in. These made rooms pop with color and patterns.

5. Old is Gold


Image:  @thecarneysbloom

Vintage and second-hand decor stayed popular. People loved mixing old things with new ones to make their homes unique and full of character.

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6. Plants Everywhere


Indoor plants stayed trendy. They made homes look great and feel fresh. TikTok was full of plant care tips and ideas for displaying them.


The 2023 TikTok trends were all about making homes feel personal, comfy, and stylish. From cozy lighting to eco-friendly choices, these trends showed how our homes can be both beautiful and good for us and the environment. Let’s see what new ideas 2024 brings!

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