Creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional space in your home often involves finding clever ways to hide electronics like modem and WiFi router cover. These devices, essential for internet connectivity, can be an eyesore if not integrated well into your home decor. Here’s a guide to effectively and safely hiding your modem and WiFi router in a router cover.

Is it OK to Cover a WiFi Router?

Yes, you can cover a WiFi router, but with caution. The cover must:

  • Allow for adequate ventilation to prevent overheating.
  • Not interfere with the signal strength.
  • Be made of a material that doesn’t block or reflect WiFi signals (like wood, plastic, or non-metallic materials).

Best Ways to Hide Modem and WiFi Router

  1. Using a Decorative Box or Basket: Choose a box or basket with a style that matches your decor. Ensure it has openings for airflow and cables.
  2. Bookshelf Camouflage: Place the router among books on a shelf, leaving space around it for air circulation.
  3. Inside a Hollowed-Out Book: For a more creative approach, use a hollowed-out book large enough to encase the router.
  4. Custom Furniture Solutions: Some furniture pieces come with built-in spaces for electronics.
  5. Cabinet Storage: Place the router in a cabinet but make sure the door has a mesh or grating to allow signal and air to pass through.

Best Ways To Hide Modem and Wifi Router in A Router Cover

1. Secret Book Box Modem

The Best Ways To Hide Modem and Wifi Router in A Router Cover

Secret Book Box Modem (Custom sizes and colors available)

$29.00 AT AMAZON

This genius storage product let’s you hide valuables in plain sight. Creates the look and feel of normal books from the front, with a secret storage space hidden behind!

Great for hiding electronics, wifi routers, cable boxes, modems cords, plugs, outlets, switches, money, documents, jewelry, cameras, protection tools, or to conceal other items.

A panel of real books, paired together in a beautiful set, then trimmed and adhered to a wood panel half box so you can slide it off a shelf or table to reveal contents behind.

2. DIY Chic Router Cover

The Best Ways To Hide Modem and Wifi Router in A Router Cover

The IKEA hack, posted by DIYer Robyn Stanley (@the_house_acc), uses supplies you likely already have on hand, can be done in 15 minutes flat, and requires zero power tools (unless you count the hot glue gun).

3. Gold Router Storage Box


$18.89 AT Temu

4. Wall Mount Router Storage Box


$3.68 AT Temu

Where to Hide Them

  • Avoid Metal and Concrete: They can weaken your WiFi.
  • Middle of the House: This gives you the best WiFi all over.
  • Up High: Putting it higher can spread the signal better.

Should Your Router be Against a Wall? No, it’s better to keep it a bit away from walls for a better signal.


Is it OK to Put It in Your Bedroom? Yes, but think about:

  • Sleeping: Some people don’t like being near WiFi while sleeping. Experts suggest that placing WiFi routers at least 6 feet away from sleeping areas may reduce exposure to EMFs during sleep. READ MORE: Sleep Like a Baby with These Bedroom Design Tips
  • Lights and Noise: Routers can have blinking lights and make small noises.
  • Signal Strength: If your bedroom is far from other rooms, the WiFi might not reach well.


Hiding your modem and WiFi router can make your place look nicer. Just make sure the cover doesn’t get too hot or block the WiFi. Choose a spot that helps spread the WiFi well in your house.

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