The Space of Mind cabin will probably always remind us of the pandemic. This modular micro cabin was designed by Finnish architecture studio Studio Puisto during the pandemic. It is called Space Of Mind because this cabin is the perfect place to think, recharge and also unwind so you can find peace of mind. Through a modular system, Space of Mind can function from the bedroom, gym, to home office with the flexibility to be built almost anywhere in the world. Collaborating with Made By Choice, as a solution to the isolation felt by people during the pandemic, gives them space to relax.


Space of Mind was designed by Studio Puisto

Completed by Studio Puisto, Space of Mind was initially developed as a response to the ongoing pandemic. Because many of us now spend a lot of time indoors and often feel stressed and tired, the collective idea was to build a second home to fit our unlimited travel range. These modular cabins can be built almost anywhere, for example in a backyard, a rooftop terrace, or even in a nearby forest, Space of Mind acts as a spatial solution that fosters a similar experience without having to leave home.


Multipurpose and adaptable

Sometimes there are differences for each person when it comes to finding peace of mind. That’s why the Space of Mind cabin is designed to be versatile and have great adaptability. The exterior wooden structure serves as a blank slate while the interior can be customized to suit each individual preference. This means the cabin can be converted into a gym for one person and a home office for another. In the overall modular system, custom furniture is attached to the wooden structure of the steps, giving the freedom to customize the space as desired over time.


Architectural design

Measuring 100 square feet, the interior of the cabin is very space-saving and compact. The main emphasis in this design is to express how a small space filled with only the essentials can give us space to enjoy the things that matter most. With less, we can experience more. The cabin structure is not completely isolated, so we remain more closely connected to the natural elements and constantly changing weather conditions outside. The main material uses ecologically sourced Finnish wood, Space of Mind is claimed to be able to survive even in winter, but remains aesthetically comfortable through warm wood patterns and colors. The cabin is light enough to be transported by crane or helicopter with a durable foundation that supports almost any location.








Designer: Studio Puisto

Photography: Archmospheres, Unto Rautio

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