A small studio apartment decorated in a beige pallette and black accents

I love inspiring studio spaces, as they prove that you don’t need a lot of floor space to be able to live in a well-designed space. This living space in a Swedish apartment shares a bedroom and a sofa area and a small storage solution that makes use of the vertical space available in this home.

An inspiring one-bedroom apartment with a beige color palette

The walls in this studio apartment have been kept white, which reflects the daylight coming in through those windows and makes the space appear bigger. The beige color palette adds an elegant touch to this small space and the palette comes back in the sleeping space as well as in the living area.

The beige sofa has been decorated with a beautiful mixture of throw pillows with black accents and the beige coffee table combination works very nicely on top of the beige textured area rug.

The beige palette with the black accent comes back in the sleeping area of this studio apartment, which has been placed in front of those big windows. The large mirror opposed to the bedroom reflects both the space and the natural light, which makes the studio apartment seem bigger.

Optimal usage of wall space as a space-saving solution

Storage space is one of the most important elements in one-bedroom apartments or studio apartments and I think in this home, the owners have found an elegant solution that doesn’t take up much of the limited space available.

A series of low Ikea Besta cabinets have been mounted right underneath the ceiling, leaving the area underneath it open, yet still offering valuable storage space. Underneath the cabinets, an elegant wall shelf has been placed to display decor pieces and books, while other things can be stored away in the closed storage unit.

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