hygge home ideas

hygge home ideas

You’re probably familiar with the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ (pronounced hoo-ga).  It loosely translates to a feeling of cosiness and contentment that comes from doing simple things like lighting candles, meeting friends, getting cosy at home.  Hygge isn’t a decor trend instead it’s more about taking pleasure in little things.  Having said that there are ways to up the hygge factor in your home to make it cosier and winter is the perfect time to do that.

Come winter, we naturally spend more time at home.  The FOMO kind of disappears because it’s far more appealing to spend cosy nights in than cold nights out!  Imagine curling up on the sofa with a soft blanket and watching a movie or reading a book – who doesn’t want to do that?  There are simple and easy things you can do to up the cosiness or hygge factor in your home.  Do just a few of these things and you may never feel like leaving your home again!

hygge living room ideas

hygge your home this winter

Layer up

Layer up your home with lots of cosy textures like boucle, wool and sheepskin.  This could be in the form of cushions and throws on your sofas and armchairs. I especially love a few sheepskins thrown over harder surfaces like benches and dining chairs.  Add a linen tablecloth to your dining table, a fluffy bathmat to your bathroom or a wool or shaggy rug over bare floors – so many ways to add texture and layers.

Light that fire

Nothing says cosy like a fire.  If you’re lucky enough to have a wood fire then you know how comforting it is to light it and gather around it.  But if you don’t have a chimney or fire place, electric fireplaces might be the answer for you – you’ll still get the effect of a fire and they’re a lot more budget friendly than wood burning stoves.

Bring out the candles

Whether you have any kind of fire or not, candles are essential to creating a warm and cosy space.  The soft, flickering glow of a candle will add so much cosiness to your home.  Don’t stop at your living spaces though – dot candles around your home and don’t forget the bathroom.  Also if you can’t have any kind of fireplace, you can create the effect of one with a bunch of different sized candles grouped together.

cosy hygge seating area

Bring nature in

You could buy flowers or greenery but this can cost a lot. If that’s not possible, bring in foraged foliage, branches, twigs… anything you can get your hands on.  Place them in vases around your home to bring a little slice of the outdoors in to your home.

Scent matters

Make your home smell magical with some natural scents.  Scents add warmth and comfort to a space.  You could do this through scented candles, diffusers, eucalyptus or any foliage that has a pleasing scent.  Or you could get creative and make your own scented decorations.  Some of my favourite winter scents are vanilla, cinnamon, orange and ginger.

Let there be (more) light

Natural light is a big part of creating a hygge home.  So maximise those few hours of daylight with strategically placed mirrors across from windows and by keeping curtains open.  In the evenings, opt for candlelight and lamps with soft, warm glows rather than harsh overhead lighting.

Create a hyggekrog

The Danes have a few words specifically for things that evoke a feeling of hygge and hyggekrog is one such word.  It means a cosy and comfortable place to sit and relax.  This could be any comfy seat — usually with the addition of cushions and throws — where you might sink in to a good book, enjoy a hot drink or simply watch the world go by.

cosy monochrome dining room
hygge your home this winter
hygge Scandinavian bedroom

Keep it simple

Hygge is in no way extravagant, expensive or complicated.  It’s pretty much the opposite!  It’s about slowing down and enjoying the simplicity of our surroundings.  It’s about taking pleasure in the little things and appreciating little moments.  It’s about feeling safe, warm and contented in our homes.  So keep things simple and create spaces that evoke these feelings for you.

How will you make your home cosier this winter?

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