black white bedroom

black white bedroom

We know that a good nights sleep is so important for all the reasons.  Daily stresses, life problems and an overactive mind can get in the way of a good nights sleep, but you can minimise this by creating the right environment.  A bedroom that is calm and cosy will go a long way to helping you sleep better because, as we all know, our environment and surroundings affect our mood.

Bedrooms should be a relaxing space where you can escape from the noise, stimuli and busy-ness of everyday life.  A space where you can unwind from a long day and recharge for the next.  Retreating to a calm, cosy and clutter free room at night is something we can all achieve.  Just doing a few things to your room and decor can have a big impact on your space.

simple white bedroom decor

Ideas to create a calm and cosy bedroom

clear away the clutter

When you walk in to your bedroom at night, the last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed.  And clutter creates overwhelm. Lying in bed and looking at a pile of things on your bedside table, a chair overflowing with clothes or a corner filled with stuff, isn’t going to help you get to sleep.  Make an effort to put away your things so that they’re not too visible.  I like using storage baskets, wall hooks and pretty wooden boxes to keep my stuff out of sight.  I also make an effort to hang my clothes back up because, before you know it, it becomes a huge unsightly pile.

neutral colours

Neutral colours help me feel calm and relaxed.  My bedroom has white walls with black and beige decor which helps me relax and not get distracted by my surroundings.  I know I wouldn’t be able to sleep well in a room that’s painted bright green or red or any bright colour.  While I would always opt for light neutral tones for a bedroom, everybody reacts to colour in their own way. So think about a colour that makes you feel relaxed and peaceful.  If you like colour, muted and more saturated colours will always be more calming than bright and bold colours. Alternatively dark neutrals can be really calming too.  And one more thing — keep colours to a maximum of 2 or 3.  Lots of different colours can feel chaotic.

opt for simple furniture

Much like neutrals walls, I think both the style and amount of furniture plays a role in creating a serene bedroom.  With style, I prefer clean lines and minimalist designs that promote a sense of space in my bedroom. For e.g. my double bed frame is white and very simple in design and my bedside table is black and has a sleek, minimal design.  Unless you have a huge bedroom, bulky and overly detailed furniture can create visual clutter.  Speaking of clutter, you also don’t want to fill your bedroom with furniture – leaving floor space empty is visually and physically calming and will give you head space.

grey bedroom decor calm cosy bedroom ideas white-pale-grey-bedroom cozy beige bedroom

add natural textures

I love adding lots of natural textures to every room and the bedroom is no exception.  In a bedroom, textures help create a cocooning feeling which is what you want.  Natural textures appeal to all your senses without adding clutter or chaos —  think soft linen bedding, chunky wool throws, seagrass baskets, warm woods, sheepskin rugs — the list is endless.  There is something very soothing about natural textures and materials that you don’t get from their synthetic counterparts.

bedroom lighting matters

When you’re winding down and getting ready for sleep, you don’t want bright, white lights.  Soft, warm lighting is ideal for relaxing and reading.  If you can go for dimmable lights, that’s even better.  Ideally you want various light sources in a bedroom so that you can create a cosy feeling at night.  And of course, blackout curtains or blinds are great not only for darkness but they also give you sense of shutting off from the outside world.

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