simple DIY napkin rings

simple DIY napkin rings

Like most people, we eat on the kitchen table everyday.  But even when we have a few friends over, we always end up hanging out and eating in the kitchen.  My kitchen is very much the heart of our home and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  There are those few times though, when I feel like making an effort and thats when I go all out on the dining table — tablecloth, candles, greenery, napkins, napkin rings — the whole lot!  I tend to do this more around the festive season, probably because I want to make each gathering feel a bit special.

With the festive season coming up, I’m once again thinking of ways to dress up my dining table.  If you know me, you’ll know that I like simplicity and soft minimalism.  My table decor usually consists of neutral linens, candles and greenery with the only extra embellishment being some simple DIY napkin rings.  For my latest DIY napkin rings (which I actually made a while ago but forgot to share), I went with a really easy idea. So simple that it takes less than a minute to make each one yet they look stunning with the brass and wood combo.

how make napkin rings

simple DIY napkin rings

Materials: *(contains affiliate links)
wooden rectangles
brass circles
wood glue

All you have to do centre the brass circles and glue on to the wooden rectangles.  I’ve linked to the materials I used above but if you opt for different ones, the key thing to bear in mind is size of both the brass and wood pieces.  The wood rectangle should be very similar to the size I used otherwise it will be too big/small to hold cloth napkins. And the brass circles should be slightly bigger than the wood rectangles. Thats it!

DIY brass napkin rings
easy homemade napkin rings
simple diy napkin rings with minimalist design

I’ve paired my napkin rings with white linen napkins.  I love the brass and wood tones against all the white.  But these napkin rings would look great with any neutral toned napkins.  I’m also thinking they would look striking against black linen napkins.

Here’s a really short video if you prefer to watch:

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