The owners attained this property by serendipitous circumstances–thankfully missing out on a smaller plot earlier in their search. Measuring 2015 square meters in the heart of a prime residential district in Singapore, the large city home was designed to support a lifestyle that resembles a weekend retreat in a tropical resort clubhouse. Created by Wallflower Architecture + Design, the L-shaped home rests peacefully within a lush boundary of vegetation that provides privacy and seclusion. Glass doors and huge windows break the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces, forming open connections. Inside the home, rich wooden decor elements build a naturally sophisticated scene that’s elevated by contemporary furnishings and accessories.

The luxury house exterior draws an L-shaped arrangement around the edge of the fan-shaped plot, walling off the outward road. This positioning builds an impressive frontage on the busy street and an inner world of natural beauty and serene sanctuary.

A manicured lawn stretches across the heart of the garden, providing an open play space for the kids and pets. Mature trees grow a tall shield that protects the peaceful home and garden from the outer world.

Dense borders are filled with shrubs. Extensive balconies are edged with leafy plants that create a curtain of emerald green. Ribbons of exterior light set the balconies aglow with warm golden exuberance and accentuate the sharp contemporary architecture.

The driveway is lined with deep thickets that instantly immerse the homeowners and their visitors in natural beauty and respite from the city. Exterior lights are set into the sides of the concrete planters to brightly illuminate the approach to the home. A wide, cantilevered overhang shades parked cars and pedestrians.

From the roadside, the modern home exterior appears enigmatic and alluring under dark gray concrete structuring and rich wooden siding. A grand, pitched roof alludes to the aesthetic of a tropical resort.

A 25-meter-long swimming pool rests in the embrace of the L-shaped home design, drawing up against an outdoor living area on the sun terrace. Deep planters are built alongside the sparkling blue pool waters, bringing cool shade from overhanging plants.

A parking garage is situated underneath the awe-inspiring home and its enormous garden. Thick, overhanging plants soften the transition between the layers of the home and obscure the line of modern safety fencing.

Slatted canopies shade an outdoor walkway around the perimeter of the large home, keeping concrete paving slabs cool enough for barefoot walks between different areas of the home. The exterior walkways reduce the need to retreat indoors, therefore encouraging a free-flowing connection with the garden.

Inside the luxury home, rooms are spacious and lofty with a restrained decor palette that focuses on natural wood grain and pale neutrals. A white sectional sofa counterbalances the rich tones of a wood-clad ceiling. Hand-blown glass pendant lights drop, jewel-like, through a double-height void.

Moments of bright color are used sparingly and thoughtfully, like this joyous rug in the sunny family room. A built-in shelving system adds edge-to-edge character to the room.

A modern staircase is encased within a glass chamber, which facilitates a floating effect. Wood-slatted walls make the low ceiling height at the base of the stairwell appear more stretched. A gravel bed is set with LED mood lights.

Travertine cladding textures the remainder of the hallway, adding luxurious texture and light reflective properties. Perimeter lighting threads around the smooth, glossy marble floor.

In the crisp white kitchen, natural light is in abundance, pouring through wide clerestory windows. Instead of a solid backsplash, a letterbox window separates the base cabinets from the upper wall units. The glazed gap is colored by an uplifting view of tropical plants. A live-edge dining table makes a rustic contrast with the glamorous white marble countertops.

The massive covered parking area is illuminated by an enormous skylight, which constructs an extraordinary, futuristic aesthetic. Recessed spotlights are scattered across the remainder of the canopy, distributing even illumination from end to end.

A small pathway approaches a spiral staircase, which climbs from the parking area to the main level of the home.

The wide driveway cuts down to the parking garage in a sweeping curve, creating a dramatic entry and a smooth approach.

A garden is planted around the base of the spiral staircase. The owners’ desire to always embrace the outdoors at home stems from treasured memories of vacations in tropical hideaways.

Tiered borders elevate the greenery, building a wall of tropical beauty. Sunlight streams down from above, feeding and enriching the natural display. Board-formed concrete textures a towering gray backdrop that darkly contrasts the vivid vegetation.

Luxury bathrooms are floored and clad with stunning marble. Here, a freestanding bathtub is placed up against the glass perimeter, where outer shutters filter the blazing sunlight. Timber screens protect the entire 2nd story from the harsh light that penetrates the tree canopies.

All levels of the home feature naturally illuminated corridors, hemmed with stunning greenery. Deep overhanging eaves shield the home from the tropical elements and help maintain thermal comfort without relying on air conditioning.

An altar room is situated above the main entryway at one end, and the master bathroom is pushed to the other, placing the second-floor bedrooms farthest away from the traffic noise on the street. The L-shaped home design is folded against the shared boundary of neighboring lots to ensure utmost privacy.

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