Whenever we are on holiday, I harvest the beach for driftwood, shells, interesting stones, ceramic chips, and sea glass. I have gathered a nice collection during the years, which I plan to put to use soon and have a couple of projects already drafted.

This year I thought I would enlarge it even more, only to be baffled by the sparsity of shells and sea glass on the beach. Especially the latter. My husband jokingly remarked that we visited calm, quiet and secluded beaches fit for the middle aged (!) and not where the wild parties are, hence no broken bottles to produce sea glass. Although I didn’t collect a lot, I am pleased that the beaches were clean and not polluted. In the last picture you can see what I collected. There were mostly large chunks of white and green glass – sadly. Which brings me to my sea glass bottle.

I crocheted a snug casing for the bottle to secure it from being broken by the shells, as this bottle went into another shell (collecting) bag, which I am going to share in my next post.

Do you harvest the beaches on your holidays? What do you collect and for what purpose?