Scandinavian kitchen design ideas

Scandinavian kitchen design ideas

I’ve long been a fan of Swedish kitchen designers, Nordiska Kok who create entirely bespoke kitchens made from scratch. Their designs combine Scandinavian aesthetics with beautiful materials to create kitchens that are not only visually stunning but are also very functional and fit for modern day living. So I wanted to share some inspiring ideas from their kitchens which are handy if you’re planning to redo your kitchen anytime soon. Even if you’re not, you’ll find lots of design ideas that may inspire little changes in your existing kitchen.

Kitchens should always be about clever storage and practical solutions. They’re also hard working rooms so materials need to stand the test of time. At the same time, there isn’t any need to compromise on design and aesthetics. That’s what good kitchen design is all about. Scandi’s have always known how to marry form and function and Nordiska Kok is no exception so here are some Scandinavian kitchen design ideas taken from their kitchens, which you can make your own or they might spark other creative ideas for your kitchen.

off white kitchen with marble

tone on tone colours

Going for a tone on tone look creates a calm and cohesive kitchen pretty effortlessly. It looks aesthetically pleasing too especially for those of us who lean towards neutral tones and a warm minimal look. The tone on tone look works best when you use a mix of different materials to create interest and depth — like in the kitchen above where off white cabinets have been paired with off-white marble.


interspersed open wall shelves

Having wall cabinets in a kitchen is always handy for much needed storage. But they can look heavy and bulky. Combining closed wall cabinets with a few open shelves considerably lightens the look by visually breaking it up. It also gives you the opportunity to display a few favourite pieces, creating interest and a focal point. But you’ll still have plenty of closed storage to hideaway stuff that isn’t ideal to display. You can also get creative with the look like in the kitchen above where they’ve gone for contrasting dark wood open shelves against the pale beige cabinets.


kitchen cabinets with fluted glass

fluted glass doors

Fluted glass cabinet doors are another option to lighten the look of wall cabinets or floor to ceiling cabinets. This kind of glass adds a lot of texture and is light and reflective. Also, with fluted glass you don’t have to be perfectly tidy as it’s not as see-through as clear glass.


kitchen island with drop down table

island with drop down table

Having a kitchen island or countertop that drops down to create a dining surface is a practical idea because it allows you have dining chairs rather than tall stools for eating. While there’s nothing wrong with stools, it is comfier to eat on chairs especially if you’re eating there daily. Also it can take away the need for a separate dining table which is useful especially in smaller spaces. I’ve done this in my kitchen and it allows you to make the most of your space while having a proper dining table to eat at.


Scandinavian kitchen design ideas

contrasting materials

Using contrasting materials, like wood and stone, creates so much interest in a kitchen. It’s not only the contrasting textures but also using warm materials with cooler ones. Or think about combining shiny and matt materials like a stainless steel island with dark wood cabinets. Contrasts aren’t just for big surfaces either — kitchen taps, handles, lighting are all opportunities to create contrast. Using materials with any kind of contrast works really well to create a kitchen that has a lot of depth and interest. And you can go bold with contrast like in the kitchen above or keep it subtler, depending on your preference.

All images via Nordiska Kok

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