Saxifrage: the low, ornamental plant with a subtle romantic look for rock gardens and shady spots

Saxifrage is a low, ornamental plant, native to Europe and North America. With tender, pointed leaflets, very reminiscent of a succulent plant, it grows in gardens but also on rocks, even quite shady places. Its flowers, which appear in summer, in white or pale pink, are the finishing touch for a subtle romantic look.

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Size – Saxifrage is an ornamental herbaceous plant, with a height and width ranging from 10cm to half a meter. It takes around 2 to 5 years to reach its final size, after which it does not grow significantly.
Foliage – Its beautiful, low foliage, clustered in circles around the base of the plant, is painted in lovely grey-green shades and lime tones. Its leaves, narrow and soft in texture, remain decorative throughout the year, accompanying our garden compositions from season to season.
Flowers – Its charming white or rarely pink flowers appear in early summer. Supported on thin, upright shoots, they form small, light bouquets, which beautify the garden giving a romantic look.
Position – Loves sunny positions and can be planted in places protected from the cold and strong or hot wind but also in more exposed locations.
Watering – It needs moderate watering, especially in the hot summer months, but also in the early days until it is established in a garden.

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Soil – Grows successfully in a variety of soil types as long as they have good drainage. Soils with a neutral or basic pH and a sandy or clay texture are ideal.

Durability – Once established in a location it is drought tolerant and at the same time it can withstand frost and low temperatures down to -10°C.
Maintenance/Care – Its care is very simple. It does not need pruning and usually does not encounter problems from insects or diseases.
It is suitable for flower beds, borders, pots and planters, rock gardens and gravel gardens, cold shady corners of the garden (but where it does not bloom), balconies, entrances, and as a ground cover.

















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