A laundry room might be the last thing people think about when decorating a home, but you still have to make it functional. Even if you don’t have a laundry room, you probably have a small corner or laundry room, so proper spatial organization is important as most laundry rooms are narrow. Apart from adding optimal storage space, open shelves, to the area for drying clothes, you can also display the style you want.

Scandinavian style is one of the most popular styles right now, and they are great for a laundry room because they seem modern and minimalist. As the name suggests, Scandinavian style is a design style that originates from countries in Scandinavia, such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Finland. Scandinavian-style laundry rooms tend to have a clean, simple look that works with any room theme. So, how to apply this style to the laundry room? Here I summarize some Scandinavian laundry room ideas to inspire you.


The color combination is white and gray

Neutral and bright colors are one of the hallmarks of the Scandinavian style, usually dominated by white and gray and some other muted colors. You can apply this color combination to a laundry room that creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. In addition, using the dominant white color will make the room look tidier, wider and taller. You can also combine Scandinavian style with any style you want, from modern, minimalist, rustic, or even rustic.


Simple but functional décor

If you like a simple room design then Scandinavian style laundry room is the best choice. With a simple look, it will make furniture feel more functional because in a limited space, you only put a little furniture. Choosing a room style must also be in accordance with simple concepts such as rustic but using black accents to match the Scandinavian style. In addition, the modern and minimalist design emphasizes function and practicality.


Two rooms in one function

Apart from being applied to the laundry room, Scandinavian style is famous for having many functions such as uniting two rooms into one. For example, a laundry room can also be combined with other rooms as long as they continue to function optimally, such as a laundry room with a kitchen, a laundry room with a dining area, a laundry room with a bathroom, and many more. The use of carpet in the room will help to give the illusion of a laundry room in the kitchen. Besides that, the room will also look wider because of the union of two different rooms. So that the combination of this room still looks harmonious, you can use matching colors.

If you’re interested in building a Scandinavian laundry room, find more inspiration below!








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