ceramic clay pumpkins

ceramic clay pumpkins

It’s always fun to make little additions to your decor for each season. You can of course buy a few seasonal accessories but DIY’ing is so much more fun. With the cooler weather coming soon, I’m looking to cosy up my home for autumn. One of my favourite ways to do this is with candles so I thought I’d make some fun candle holders in a pumpkin shape. Pumpkins are so autumnal so they make the perfect decoration for Halloween, Thanksgiving and fall.

These DIY clay candle holders are such a cute and useful accessory to have in your home, especially if you love lighting candles. I went for a paint speckled finish because I wanted a ceramic look rather than a clay look. And besides I think speckling adds texture and interest. I’ve currently got these candle holders on my coffee table but I’m planning to use them all season on my dining table, kitchen counters or anywhere I usually light candles. If you use them on your Halloween table, simply pair with black candles if you like a spookier vibe.

DIY clay candle holders

pumpkin shaped DIY clay candle Holders

polymer clay (US readers here)
acrylic paint (I mixed white with a hint of beige for a creamy white colour + black for the speckling)

1. Roll your clay in to a smooth ball. I used one small pack of clay (57gms/2oz) but depending on the thickness of your candles, you might need more clay for each candle holder – see note below.
2. Using the palms of your hands, flatten the ball a bit so it’s more like a pumpkin shape.
3. Make a hole for your candle by gently inserting your candle in to the centre of the clay. You want to go fairly deep as it needs to hold your candle in place when you use it as a candle holder.
4. Using the body of toothpick (not the pointy ends), make creases on the sides so it looks like the ridges on a pumpkin. Do this by gently pressing the body of the toothpick around the curved sides to create the ridges. This bit is a little hard to describe but it’s very clear in the video below.
5. Bake according to the instructions on your clay.
6. Paint your pumpkin candle holders – you’ll need 2-3 coats. Even if you want to keep your candle holders white, it’s worth painting them to cover up any imperfections.
7. Optional – add a paint splatter effect. I wanted a ceramic look for my pumpkin candle holders and the paint speckles help achieve this. Dilute your acrylic paint with a little water and using a very thin brush, flick the paint on to the candle holder.

note: *I used (AFF) these candles which are very slim. If you’re using thicker candles, you may need 1.5-2 small packs of clay per candle holder.

DIY candle holders polymer clay

DIY clay candle holder DIY clay pumpkin candle holder

I’ve chosen a monochrome look as that’s more Halloween-y and also I love my monochromes and neutrals. However you can of course choose any colours you like. I’m planning to use these DIY candle holders on my dining table not only for Halloween but also for any autumn gatherings I have. After all, pumpkin decor is so autumnal.

Here’s a short video showing how to make these candle holders:

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