Swee Design studio share their furniture fundamentals within a generously proportioned, family home, striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

A large, open-plan family home requires a considered approach to furniture selection. A common practice is to divide larger spaces visually with furniture to simultaneously connect family members while still offering moments of quiet retreat when needed.

But how does one ensure larger spaces meet the needs of an active family while still maintaining cosiness? Enlisting the help of Swee Design’s art consultant, designer and stylist Swee Lim and furniture brand KING, est unpacks the essentials for functional and comfortable family living.

Produced in partnership with KING


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Within the kitchen, Swee’s decision to select the Cassia bar stool is based on both form and function. “The walnut timber integrates with the kitchen cabinetry, while the leather upholstery offers both high-end sophistication and practicality as it can be easily wiped clean,” Swee explains. The Murano Polka dot vase is also pictured in this space.

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Cassia bar stool’s backless, simple form works well with the bold design elements of the curved kitchen bench,” Swee adds.

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A custom banquette seating zone within the kitchen delivers casual family dining as well as a homework nook for kids. “I opted for blue velvet Quay armless dining chairs for their elegant finish while also creating welcome contrast with the tan leather banquette and white marble table,” Swee says. Featured artwork by Mark Howson from Fletcher Art.

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An island bench surrounded by Cassia bar stools and separate banquette seating amplifies functionality. The two zones offer casual family dining, and additional seating – for larger groups or a homework retreat. A hidden scullery keeps clutter out of sight. Artwork by Mark Howson by Fletcher Art.


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As the rear of the sofa is on display in this expansive light-filled living room, Swee prioritised form and detail – specifying the Kato corner sofa for its elegant curved posterior including rolled-back cushions. Swee opted for a bespoke, light neutral fabric to create a peaceful home environment. The Kato’s flexible modular options accommodate various seating options as well as additional guests.

Sculptural in form, the Issho side table and Issho coffee table can be nested together or separated depending on the table space required. Two Oliver tub chairs selected in soft dusty blue (tying in with the Tanya Hoddingnot artwork) can be conveniently moved with their swivel base. The Fleur oblong ottoman, Emily Ellis vase, Stephanie Philips sculpture and La Petite Fabrique de Brunswick vase and artwork by Scott Liversey and Tanya Hoddinott are also pictured in this space.

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Swee specified a console table in the hallway for its practicality and slimline profile. “Creating an elegant entrance, the console can be utilised for keys, books, as well as a lamp for ambience,” she says. Swee leans on the classic, timeless palette of the Quay console table dressed with the Pallino table lamp, styled with artwork from Dean Bowen.

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The Kato corner sofa, Issho side table, Issho coffee table and Oliver tub chair complete the relaxed family living space. Artwork by Tanya Hoddinott.


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For the dining space that accommodates ten guests, Swee cultivated refined design and functionality. The delicate yet uncomplicated detail of the Aspen dining chair offers classic lines – and with a solid, sturdy construction, years of family comfort.

The formal dining table also features the Stephanie Philips sculpture and Mali Taylor ceramic bowl. The Emily Ellis vase and Ella Bendrups sculpture dress the custom buffet.

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According to Swee, “a sideboard is a wonderful addition to the formal dining zone providing storage and an area to feature vases and artwork”. The Italian-designed Edge Eric buffet available in American walnut or Congo dark charcoal delivers a sleek and practical complement to either the living or dining spaces.

The buffet is dressed with an Emily Ellis ceramic Double Bulb vase. Artwork by Colin Pennock.

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