Splashes of blue and red boldly accent this home’s pale canvas, like strokes from an artist’s brush. Visualized by Diana Chalbash, this 72-square-meter apartment has a powerfully cohesive design that evokes high energy. The upbeat eclectic blue elements and pops of red create a thrum of unwavering excitement from the home entryway and open plan living space to the bold bedroom scheme and a unique bathroom design. Alongside these color injections are sleek stainless steel volumes that reflect natural light and create a sharp industrial aesthetic. The industrial vibe is pushed on by raw concrete accessories, concrete ceilings and cement flooring, which have a cool, counterbalancing effect on the scheme’s color saturation.

Upon entering the pale gray and white living room, an electric blue sofa creates a visual buzz. Its bold interruption divides the living space into two halves, making a succinct sitting area and a separate kitchen diner. See more ideas for a blue couch living room.

A small living room rug further defines the sitting area with a brief moment of pattern. A round coffee table reflects natural light from the window with its satin metallic finish.

One end of the modular blue sofa dips low with an ottoman section. This allows the line of sight to skim over the modern couch and land in the kitchen. This subtle feature strengthens the connection between the two living areas and keeps the look spacious and airy.

Opposite the couch, a huge wall-mounted TV unit provides plentiful storage. The bespoke unit extends to the ceiling line to capitalize on vertical storage space. A column of display shelves breaks up the media storage wall to lighten the aesthetic. Mirrored backing reflects the room.

Wood flooring runs through both the sitting area and the kitchen, creating one smooth expanse of warm natural tone.

A couple of coffee table books and a bright red accent piece neatly adorn the top of the reflective metal coffee table.

The blue and red decor accents are woven together in one vibrant art piece that hangs above the kitchen peninsula.

A large large planter pot introduces a raw concrete accent to the corner of the clean white room. Its cement aesthetic complements the cool concrete ceiling treatment. A tension wire lamp is strung alongside the indoor plant to highlight its leaves.

A trio of unique kitchen pendant lights line up above the kitchen peninsula, evenly illuminating its full length. Three kitchen bar stools sit in the spotlight below.

Back in the sitting area, a low, stainless steel media unit slides underneath the wall-mounted TV cabinet. Its metallic sheen issues a sharp, industrial feel.

The steel media unit links with the stainless steel kitchen peninsula, creating cool cohesivity. A concrete breakfast bar wraps its metallic edge.

A bright red kitchen faucet pulls together with the red and blue wall art.

The rear wall is fitted with fresh white base cabinets and appliance housing. Upper cabinets follow the concrete gray color palette.

Wood flooring is continued partially into the entry hall, before being swapped out for a hardy concrete screed.

Concealed storage cabinets and drawers fit secretly into the wall of the hallway. A bold blue entryway stool stands out, announcing the accent color scheme right from the front door.

A custom-cut, full-length mirror is mounted conveniently beside the door. A small shelf protrudes from the glass, offering a spot to set down keys.

Inside the bedroom, a home workspace is established across one wall. A floating desk cuts through a wood shelving stack to create a sleek ensemble.

Stainless steel panels rise behind the bedroom desk, adding a note of cohesivity with the metallic elements of the living room.

A frameless mirrored panel is mounted opposite the door, which creates visual depth as you enter the room.

An upholstered bed continues the electric blue accent theme. Its bright body is set upon an understated, plain gray bedroom rug. Modern artwork hangs a pop of bright red above the pillows.

Fitted wardrobes carry an uncomplicated white finish with white recessed handles. Narrow display shelves set slivers of black between them, softly backlit by warm white LED lighting strips.

The frameless mirrored panel makes the area around the low bedside table look like an open doorway. The impact of an eye-catching red designer table lamp is doubled in the glass.

On the opposite side of the room, a curved bedside table has a metallic luster. A small, directional wall sconce shines reading light from above it.

In the bathroom, a striking blue bathroom vanity creates a line of energetic color through the pale gray and white space. A wall-mounted bathroom faucet and a linear mirrored cabinet simplify the rest of the vanity aesthetic.

Large format floor tiles make the small bathroom appear wider. A wall-hung toilet keeps the floor space clear and open. A toilet cistern and plumbing concealment wall doubles up as hidden storage.

A thin, vertical radiator fits on the wall beside the unique unique bathroom sink. LED strip lights add an atmospheric glow around the bathroom mirror.

The toilet brush is tucked away inside a hidden panel in the wall.

The blue bathroom vanity unit features an integrated blue basin to complete one streamlined volume of intense color.

A small blue stool is situated inside the walk-in shower area. Wall hooks await clean towels and robes. A tower of shelving beside the shower head holds toiletries close to hand.

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