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Do you want to enhance the look and feel of your staircase? Adding a stair carpet is an excellent way to achieve this. Not only does a carpet for stairs feel soft underfoot, but it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the stairs. This guide will provide you with carpeted stairs ideas to help you choose the right stair carpets for your stairs.


What is the carpet on stairs called?

The carpet used on stairs is called a “stair runner.” The edges of the steps are left showing. Stair runners make stairs look nice and feel comfortable. They also help reduce noise and make the stairs safer. You can find them in different materials, patterns, and colors to match your home.

Why Carpet on Stairs?

coloful carpait for stairs
Who says stairs can’t have all the fun? 

Image: domino / Hand Tufted Wool Rug: Trish Andersen

  1. Safety: Carpet helps prevent slips and falls, which is great for homes with kids, older people, or pets.
  2. Less Noise: Carpet on stairs reduces the sound of footsteps, which is good for quiet areas like bedrooms.
  3. Style: You can choose from many designs to make your stairs look unique.
  4. Protects Stairs: Carpet protects stairs from damage and wear.

What is the Carpet On Stairs Called?


Image: Kaleidoscope Living

The carpet specifically designed for use on stairs is commonly referred to as a “stair runner.” The stair runner not only adds a decorative element to the staircase but also provides comfort, noise reduction, and safety benefits.

Choosing the Right Carpet

bright colorful striped stair runner

  1. Type of Carpet: Think about the material. Wool is durable and stain-resistant. Nylon lasts long and is easy to clean. Polyester is soft and colorful. Sisal and jute are strong and look natural. Choose a low-pile carpet for easier cleaning and safety.
  2. Color and Pattern: Light colors make stairs seem bigger. Dark colors add depth. Patterns can be bold or simple, depending on your taste.
  3. Stair Runners: These are carpets that cover the middle of the stairs. Striped or animal print runners are popular. Textured ones like sisal give a natural feel.
  4. Easy to Clean: Pick a carpet that’s easy to clean and lasts long.
  5. Budget: Set a budget, but remember that better quality might save money over time.

Creative and Stylish Carpet Design Ideas For Stairs

Striped Pattern


Image: apartment therapy

Striped stair runners can create a bold and dynamic effect, drawing the eye upwards and making a strong statement. You can choose from varied stripe widths and colors to match your home’s décor, making your carpet stair runner a standout feature.

Geometric Patterns


Image: AD

Geometric designs add a modern and sophisticated touch. Options range from simple chevrons to complex tessellations, suitable for contemporary interior designs.

Neutral Tones with Textured Weave


Image: carpet for room

For a subtle, elegant look, opt for neutral tones like beige, gray, or cream, but with a textured weave in your stair carpet. This design adds depth and interest without overpowering the space.

Bold Solid Colors

bold solid orange carpet for stairs

Image:  Canadian House and Home

If your home has a more minimalist or modern aesthetic, a carpeted stair in a bold, solid color can serve as a striking feature. Think of deep blues, rich reds, or vibrant greens for your stairs carpet.

Classic Herringbone

 Herringbone pattern carpet for stairs

Image: Rouzati Rugs

Herringbone patterns have a timeless appeal and add a sense of traditional elegance to any staircase.

Floral Designs

pink floral carpet for stairs

Image: alternative

For a more traditional or country-style home, floral patterns can add a touch of nature and softness to your stairs.

Animal Prints

faux deer-fur carpet for stairs

Image: Better Homes

For a daring and exotic touch, animal prints like a faux deer-fur, zebra or leopard can make a staircase stand out. This works especially well in eclectic or maximalist interiors.

Ombre Effect

ombre carpet for stairs

Image: domino / Photography: Claire Esparros

Carpets that transition from one color to another (ombre) can create a unique, eye-catching look on your stairs. This transition can be a gradient of a single color or a transition between two distinct colors.

Persian and Oriental Styles


Image: BH&G

These classic designs feature intricate patterns and a wide range of colors, adding a sense of luxury and history to your staircase.

Natural Fiber Carpets


Image: Coral & Hive

Carpets made from natural fibers like sisal, jute, or seagrass bring an organic and earthy feel to the stairs, complementing rustic or Scandinavian-style interiors.

Each of these designs can be tailored to your specific staircase and overall home aesthetic, offering both style and functionality.

Why Are Stairs so Expensive to Carpet?


Image: brownstoneboys

Carpeting stairs is indeed a bit more costly than other areas, but for some really good reasons. Think of your staircase as not just a set of steps, but a unique feature in your home. Each stair needs individual attention – it’s like tailoring a custom outfit for them!

Firstly, stairs are a high-traffic area, so the carpet needs to be durable and high-quality to withstand all the foot traffic. It’s like investing in a sturdy pair of shoes that lasts longer.

Secondly, installing them requires more skill and precision than flat surfaces. Each step is its own little project, requiring careful measuring and cutting. It’s a bit like crafting a beautiful piece of art where every detail matters.

And, let’s not forget, stairs often have different shapes and sizes. This means the carpet needs to be custom-fitted, ensuring a snug and safe fit. It’s like getting a bespoke suit that fits you perfectly.

So, while carpeting stairs might be a bit more of an investment, it’s really about adding value, safety, and style to your home. It’s transforming your staircase into a cozy and inviting highlight of your space. Think of it as a wonderful way to make your house feel more like a home!

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Installation and Care:


Image: houseofmaram

  • Get a professional to install the carpet.
  • Use good padding underneath for comfort and durability.
  • Vacuum regularly to keep it clean.
  • Clean spills quickly to avoid stains.
  • Get a professional cleaning every year or so.

In Conclusion



Choosing the right carpet can make your carpeted steps safer, quieter, and more stylish. Think about material, color, and your budget. With the right care, your carpet stair edge will look great for years after installing. Learning how to fit carpet stairs properly with the help of stair carpet grippers can ensure a long-lasting and safe installation. Also, installing carpet stairs treads can add an extra layer of safety to your stairs.

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