A first-ever miniature pavilion completed by Atelier Xi, surrounded by fields of blooming peaches on farmland. Initially the architect received an initial commission to design a 300 square meter public building to facilitate cultural and arts education in the Xiuwu area, Henan. However, considering the large area and location, it was difficult for the architect to divide one building into a series of miniature facilities in different locations in order to better serve the surrounding community. The trees on site all lean to one side, inspiring the sculptural architectural form. As a result, the building is cut from a series of invisible arcs originating from the earth and clouds, forming a unique shape that rises into the sky.

Architects are aware of the many disadvantages of rural areas, for example a lack of educational resources, inadequate access to information, and a lack of aesthetic imagination. That’s why community leaders and architects are looking for aesthetic approaches to rejuvenate these communities. Through this project, it is hoped that it can inspire the sensitivity of local residents, help them enjoy and rethink the quality of life, and reduce isolation and poverty.

This project consists of seven units and is divided into two stages. The first stage consists of the Periscope (vernacular theatre), the Observatory (drink bar on a peach tree farm) and the Bent House (public library).


At Peach Hut, each window is designed differently and has a unique shape, capturing different views and angles of light. There are large windows on the second floor allowing visitors to hop over the peach trees and view the beautiful farm views. This area is framed by round windows on the south side rotating along a central axis, and captures a dynamic image of the orchard under subtle variations in daylight.

Additionally, vertical windows in the corners extend the depth of field from the garden to the distant village. You can imagine the view resulting from the skylight changing over time, and the entry corner window is made into a quarter circle to resemble a bent peach tree, thereby resonating with the extraordinary natural scenery.


Its location, surrounded by blooming peach blossoms, made the architect decide to cover the building with pink concrete. After repeated testing, the architect and construction team finally found a formula that matched the desired concrete color and strength. The exterior finish is molded with small wooden formwork to outline the contours of the curved geometry, and the interior finish is molded with fine formwork to better reflect skylight from above. As a result, from morning to night, the pink concrete walls show different colors and qualities based on changing light conditions.

The architect hopes to leave a small mark on the building that only this piece of land has. That’s why, the bronze wall sconces and black steel door handles are designed with the outline of the building, and the relief tree is fixed on the concrete facade with special formwork, oriented towards the rising sun in the east.











architect: Atelier Xi

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