Our 300th issue conjures so many memories for us. We recall certain covers that still mean a lot to us — our reinterpretation of American Gothic, starring a chicken, for a food–design issue (May 2010); the “Googlegram” of a raised fist to signify the green revolution in design (May 2007); and particular articles that melded great storytelling with vivid visuals. We published pieces on the floating communities of Lagos, Nigeria (Sept 2007); Frank Gehry’s just-completed Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles (Nov/Dec 2003); and Nelda Rodger’s experience of “the Last Salone in Milan” (Jul/Aug 2005).


One of Azure’s co-founders, Rodger brought her incisive wit and curiosity to the continuous evolution of the magazine’s scope. She and Sergio Sgaramella turned a humble publication into an internationally renowned resource — and a place where both concrete projects and flights of fancy could be explored with equal enthusiasm.

Out Now: Azure’s 300th Issue!

One of the most ambitious editions Azure ever produced was our first-ever city-focused issue, “How to Build a Great City” (Sept 2008). For that reason, we decided that “Civic Impact” should be the theme of this issue. In this special edition, we look at the rich history of social housing in Vienna, exciting new commercial developments in Detroit, and how Naples has put art and architecture at the centre of its subway expansion.


We also spend some time in the gritty construction sites of Toronto’s most anticipated hybrid communities. So often, we are tempted to uphold other cities’ achievements while criticizing all that needs to change in our own. As Jane Jacobs told Robert Fulford back in our Oct/Nov 1997 issue, albeit when ours was a far different urban realm than it is today, “We have got a marvellous city — yet people hardly ever feel they can talk about it without emphasizing the problems.” Let’s raise a glass to Toronto — our cover star — and to the enduring power of print media.


Reflecting on the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale

DAAR’s Golden Lion–winning installation includes benches that riff on the fascist architecture foisted on Syracuse, Sicily, during the Mussolini era. Photo by Marco Zorzanello  

Lesley Lokko’s Biennale reckons with colonialism, exploitation and exclusion while looking towards the future.

Taking in two new New York cultural icons

A view of the Buffalo AKG Art Museum's Gundlach Building at dusk, showing the columns of the adjacent Wilmers Building in the foreground.

A visit to Buffalo’s AKG Art Museum by OMA and Manhattan’s Gilder Center by Studio Gang.

Spotlight on Workspace

The double-height atrium resolves a key design challenge: bringing light into the centre of the building’s deep square floor plate.

Inventive offices that take inspiration from Fordism, Shanghai’s alleyways and more.

Azure’s S/O 2023 cover photo by Ryan Walker and Vid Ingelevics

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