how to make your old sofa look new

how to make your old sofa look new

With it’s distinct minimal shape and neutral tones, I’m willing to bet that IKEA’s soderhamn sofa is their most popular – at least amongst those of us who love Scandi decor.  I’ve spotted it in Scandi home after home.  But the best part?  The sofa looks different in every home.  From different covers to different styling to different configurations, the Soderhamn is so easily transformed in to a unique piece.

That is exactly why I love this couch and why I own it too.  I’m usually not one to buy something ‘everyone’ has but the Soderhamn is like a chameleon.  While it’s the simple, minimalist shape that draws most of us to this sofa, it’s the endless ways that it can be transformed that makes it so special.  And of course, you can’t mention IKEA without mentioning value for money.  For around the £800/$1000 you can get yourself a pretty large sofa.  It’s considerably less if you need a smaller sofa.

If you’re looking for a new sofa then I recommend the IKEA Soderhamn – and no, this isn’t a partnership with IKEA, it’s simply my opinion after buying and owning one.  If you already have a Soderhamn sofa, these ideas will inspire you to change up the look.  I’ve picked out a few different looks to give you a taste of how unique this sofa can look in different homes.

Ikea minimalist sofa

With original IKEA covers, this sofa has been styled simply in monochromes.  The original IKEA covers are great because they come in neutral tones from light to dark.  Made of a thick cotton blend, they can be machine washed and are designed to last.  And they do.  Here they’ve opted for the fitted covers which show off the shape of the sofa.


make sofa look cozy

How cozy does this sofa look?  Of course it’s the exact same sofa but firstly it’s been covered in a relaxed linen fabric.  The loose fit style where the legs are covered is something you often see in Scandi homes.  The pale grey colour of the covers adds warmth and so does the styling.  All the cushions, throws and sheepskin make this sofa look so cosy!


styling soderhamn sofa

If you prefer a dark sofa, the Soderhamn has you covered.  This dark grey – almost black – is a custom cover however IKEA have a very similar colour too in this fitted style.  This look is perfect for the colder months with the wooly textures and the dark tones.

linen covers for IKEA sofa

Here once again you have the sofa covered in linen but this time it’s fitted.  Even though it’s fitted, it’s still  a relaxed look as that’s the nature of linen.  The white keeps the look simple and minimal while the beige accents add a touch of neutral colour.  This is my sofa so if you like the look of the covers, here’s where they’re from (aff).


velvet IKEA sofa cover

Yet another look is to opt for a velvet cover.  It’s a plusher look but still looks minimal as long as you opt for a neutral tone like this beige sofa.  Strikingly, the footstool part of the sofa has been covered in a brighter contrasting colour to the sofa.  Here again they’ve opted for the covered look but in tighter fit.  This sofa cover is from Bemz who have so many options to pick from.  While IKEA don’t do velvet covers, they do have a this exact style of cover in a different fabric.

linen slip covers for couch

Finally, you’ve this style of linen slip covers.  The linen covers go over the whole sofa so you can’t see the seat cushions.  This gives the Soderhamn an even more minimalist look.  These covers are by Bemz once again and come in a range of neutral tones in linen.

This is a small selection of Soderhamn looks I’ve picked out to show how different this sofa can look.  It’s not just the covers and styling but also the modular nature means you can go with or without arms.  You have lots of size choices so you’ll find one no matter what size your space.  You can even create an L-shaped sofa which is ideal for some spaces.  And I love how the footstool can be used as part of the sofa or as a separate seat.

As mine is pure white (which I love), it would be nice to have a second cover in a darker shade to change up the look with the seasons. But with so many choices out there, I can’t decide what the second cover should be!  Whats you favourite look?

image credits: 1, 5 – your diy family | 2, 3, 4 – alvhem | 6, 7 – bemz

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