The Oakhill project is an environmental hub in the middle of the dense Canadian forests. Designed by Matiére Premiére Architecture, in conjunction with a partner firm, Nu Drōm built an upscale one-family residence located in the dense forest municipality of Bromont. Built to blend in with its natural surroundings, a dense maple forest, the house faces east on a gentle slope. There are areas of wetlands to the east that form natural clearings, while rocky outcroppings to the west create steeper slopes.

Despite having only one floor, the residence blends into the forest canopy upholding a light roof in a subtle but strong structure rooted in the gently sloping terrain. There is a sloping roof that regulates sunlight and shade in a visually appealing architecture. It is the space in which a building is realized, serving as a threshold between nature and a sanctuary that blends with architecture.


Architects try to blur the boundaries between architecture and nature by arranging interior spaces that blend with the natural environment. The architectural layout includes an open concept living room that extends towards the master bedroom. At night, the curtains offer privacy and a warm atmosphere. The landscape follows the site’s natural gradient, leading to a second level featuring an outdoor fire pit. There is also a smaller swimming pool located close to the house to minimize environmental impact, creating a visual link with the wetland area.


The Oakhill house concept takes advantage of the site’s gentle slope to subtly elevate interior spaces, creating an open feeling with expansive views of the forest. It is this concept that harmoniously blends the home with its natural environment, creating a transition between indoor and outdoor. Designers want occupants to experience the gradual development of a refined interior space, from the living room to the lush forest.














architect: Matiére Premiére Architecture

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