Do you too have certain spaces that you will always keep in the back of your head when thinking about your dream home? One of these places that I love a lot and came across a few years ago is the Evidens de Beauté  spa in Paris by French architect Emmanuelle Simon  I regularly look at the images that are so serene and dream of redesigning my 80ties bathroom, adding those shelves and Raku Yaki Sconces.

When looking at Emmanuelle’s website I noticed  another beautiful lamp design by her hand: Noa Ceiling light, Designed in Chamotte plaster and frosted glass. The Frosted glass is created by glass artist Claire Pegis. More info and order here


Noa Ceiling light by Emmanuelle SimonNoa Ceiling light by Emmanuelle Simon


Images via Emanuelle Simon

Het bericht Noa Ceiling light by Emmanuelle Simon verscheen eerst op vosgesparis.