Mallorca and Stockholm-based furniture studio Dusty Deco founders Edin and Lina Kjellvertz open the doors into their hybrid home, studio, guesthouse and showroom in the heart of Mallorca, Spain.

The Dusty Deco apartment is housed within a historic 18th-century Mallorquin palace in Palma’s Old Town and is accessed through a narrow back street via a wrought iron gate. Edin and Lina knew they had uncovered a gem when they first stumbled across the apartment, which had sat untouched since the 1970s.

After a few small design interventions, the live/work space is now an eclectic backdrop to the creative couple’s own designs, vintage finds and a lineup of objet d’art. In our conversation with Edin and Lina, the pair reveal the path to opening a Mediterranean showroom and studio, how the Dusty Deco apartment aims to inspire those who stay there and the importance behind emotionally-driven design decisions.

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The living room features the Lola sofa in woven sand, the iconic Arco lounge chairs, the Bamboo Bracelet table and the Hexagon console table in mahogany. Artwork (l-r) by Fatima de Juan and Sphephelo Mnguni.

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Dusty Deco founders Edin and Lina Kjellvertz.

You both initially began as vintage furniture dealers while both working in fashion. Could you tell us a bit about the journey to designing your own products?

Edin and Lina Kjellvertz: We both always had a penchant for buying beautiful objects and furniture. Whenever we travelled for work, we would always search for the best local flea and design markets and often buy things for our own house. This love for sourcing furniture grew, and we eventually quit our jobs and opened our shop on the outskirts of Stockholm. Six years later, we opened a large gallery in the city centre where we sold high-end vintage pieces and art.

Once we had opened the gallery in the city, we started to accrue more followers on our social media and, in turn, began to get inquiries to help people decorate their homes.

We felt that we couldn’t find any suitable rugs in Stockholm, so that was our first encounter with designing our own products. After the success of the rug designs, we teamed up with another Swedish company called Nordiska Galleriet, which stepped in as a partner, and the brand Dusty Deco was born. Now, we design and produce rugs, furniture and objects we love and want in our own house with inspiration from music, architecture and vintage pieces.

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The Arcissimo vase, V daybed and Zig Zag anthracite rug.

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In 2019 you made the move from Stockholm to Mallorca. Why Mallorca?

Edin Kjellvertz: Lina’s mother lived there for 10 years, so we often went on vacations and always knew that we wanted to live here one day. As you can imagine, the timing never felt right. Life was hectic with running our own business, followed by our first child and then second. It reached a point where everything became a bit overwhelming, and one day we looked at each other and said, “Let’s do it.”

Your home also doubles as a showroom, with a unique hotel experience. How does this hybrid space complement your work/ lifestyle?

Lina Kjellvertz: This is our home, our creative space, our showroom, our office and a place where we host people to stay for the weekend. The space changes all the time, and we are constantly adding new pieces from our own collection along with vintage pieces and artwork. The space is a space reflection of how we live, so we want our visitors to feel our DNA, listen to the music we listen to and get inspired and motivated as we do. We want people to really feel that they are living the brand when they visit the Dusty Deco apartment.

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The old palace is filled with charming heritage details including floor-to-ceiling windows, forest green shutters and French-style balconies.

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A vintage chandelier coupled with the Dusty Deco credenza in the entrance sets the tone for the layered interior that follows throughout the home.

How is your home a reflection of your brand and ethos?

Edin Kjellvertz: Our home is a continuation of the brand and I think you can really feel that when you step into the apartment. Around every corner you can see something new, something old, art, objects and a general mix of things we love. Lina and I are both very emotionally driven when we design at work, but also when we buy things for our own home. For us, it’s always about that gut feeling when you see something you love.

What’s next for Dusty Deco?

Edin and Lina Kjellvertz: We have many dreams for the long-term future of Dusty Deco, everything from opening a hotel, a bar and a record label. As for the near future, we are slowly opening our doors in new countries across Europe and reaching new clients interested in our products. We are also about to open in the US with a warehouse there. We are bringing on some new designers and are excited to keep designing and producing more beautiful products.

Tigmi is the exclusive Australian retailer of Dusty Deco.

Experience the Dusty Deco apartment located at Carrer de les Caputxines, 11, Centre, 07003 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain.

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