Bathrooms are no longer just a place to get clean. They have become a sanctuary for relaxation and self-care. As a result, bathroom essentials have become an important aspect of home design.

With constantly evolving trends, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s in style and what’s not. However, don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, as we’ll explore the latest bathroom decor trends that will make your space feel like a luxurious spa. So, let’s dive in and discover the top bathroom essential trends of the year.

Bath Mats

It may seem like an insignificant item for the bathroom, but the bath mat you choose for your space shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is your chance to make a great statement on the bathroom floor; plus, who doesn’t want something plush and luxurious to place their feet on when they step out of the shower? Here are our top picks from some of our favorite retailers.

Healdsburg Bath Rug

Made of pure Turkish cotton, this bath mat from Serena and Lily is the ultimate in luxury. It has a voluminous texture and comes in four subtle shades. The white is our favorite, as you can pretty much match it to any space, but the three other options are great if you’re looking for a little color. Plus, it pairs so well with their Healdsburg Bath Collection towels, which you can see here in the photo, and we will share more about it later on!

Healdsburg Bath Rug from serena and lily white bathroom with free standing tub

Photo Credit: Serena and Lily

Geraldine Bath Mat

Ditch the traditional rectangular bath mat and go for something with a little more shape. This stunning mat from Anthropologie gives some serious Victorian vibes. We love the neutral colors and the class all rolled up in one gorgeous bath mat.

bath mat from anthropologie product photos white shower curtain and free standing tub

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Just Peachy

For those who like a little fun and a cost-effective price point, Society6 has a whole collection of cute bath mats with imagery and text — this one is our top pick!

just peachy bath mat society 6 product photo

Photo Credit: Society6

Shower Curtains

Since we jumped right in with bath mats, it might appear that we forgot shower curtains, but how could we possibly forget something so important? The piece in your bathroom that protects and keeps the water in the shower deserves to be a showstopper, and here are a few choices that we feel will definitely take center stage in any bathroom.

House of Hackney Printed Shower Curtain

For a bold and daring look, this printed shower curtain from Anthropologie is fierce but also gorgeous. If you’re after rich, deep tones for your bathroom, go for this one. Bathrooms don’t always have to be light and airy to be tranquil. You can create a serene space with dark tones, too!

shower curtain from anthropologie dark colours

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Tasseled Antioch Shower Curtain

This tassel shower curtain from Anthropologie is top-rated and a shoppers’ favorite, and we can see why. It’s simplicity and crochet design is the perfect neutral with just the right amount of flair for a spa-like bathroom.

shower curtain white product photo anthropologie

Photo Credit: Anthropologie


What bathroom is complete without towels? They are an essential item to any bathroom but that doesn’t mean you have to go with just any old towel. Use your towels like pieces of art and really set a display of your tastes and styles.

Waffle Weave Face Towel

Waffle Towels have been all the rage for the last few years and we don’t see them disappearing from trends anytime soon. Our top pick is from Anthropologie and it’s available in four attractive colors.

waffle towel product photo

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Healdsburg Bath Collection

A part of their whole Healdsburg Bathroom Collection, Serena and Lily spared no luxury when it comes to these Turkish towels. With a dobby stripe border and tasseled fringe, showcase style, comfort, and indulgence in your home with these bath towels.

product photo blue tassel bath towels

Photo Credit: Serena and Lily

Alverez Cotton Ribbed Bath Towels

Whether you’re fresh out of the shower or need to dry your hands, these towels are the perfect solution. Each set includes bath towels, washcloths, and hand towels, all made from 100% cotton, making them hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. The subtle ribbed texture adds a modern feel to the towels, and they’re easy to clean in the washing machine. Enjoy the ultimate relaxation with this luxurious set of towels from Wayfair.

ribbed bath towels from wayfair product photo

Photo Credit: Wayfair

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