Bedded into the grassy mountainside, this unique dwelling is designed to honor its picturesque terrain. Huge walls of glass break open the home interior to the mountainous panorama. Bodies of water define the house, creating a reflection pool in the main living space, a water-filled rooftop terrace, and an outdoor swimming pool that flows toward a cozy conversation pit. Designed by architect Stephen Tsymbaliuk, the home features a spacious and luxurious interior with a lush indoor courtyard and vast skylights. Bedrooms are out of this world, roofed with glass ceilings so that everyone can sleep under the stars. An underground garage tunnels into the mountain, looking like the entry to the Batcave. LED arches illuminate the dramatic approach.

The extraordinary home is designed to slot right into the slope of the terrain, with two tiers stacked over the steep incline of the mountain. An underground garage beds into the grassy slope.

Huge panels of glass give the ground floor of the home edge-to-edge glazing, breaking the main living space wide open to the breathtaking panorama.

The upper volume of the home design offers more privacy for bedrooms. The upper volume is clad with black boarding, which causes dramatic contrast with the clear glazed box below.

A warmly illuminated exterior staircase meanders down the mountain slope, where it approaches a poolside sitting area.

The huge conversation pit is heated by a fire pit at its center. The swimming pool stretches away from the outdoor social area, spanning the full width of the house.

Inside the home, a vast living space is darkly decorated, which allows the epic view to maintain due attention. A large black living room rug defines a comfortable lounge area, where furniture is minimal but uber stylish.

A dense cluster of pendant lights makes an artistic installation above the lounge area, creating a mesmerizing effect.

A rectangle coffee table creates a solid core for the lounge furniture arrangement. The modern modular sofa configuration faces in two directions. One side of the couch is focused toward the TV, whilst the other faces in the direction of a formal dining area and a beautiful indoor courtyard.

The double-height ceiling gives the living room a sense of overwhelming grandeur. The enormous windows wrap around onto the horizontal plane of the ceiling to connect the space with a magnificent skyscape.

Treetops tower over the skylights, adding movement and color to the home. The rocky mountain forms an extraordinary focal wall in the living room. The garage can be seen from the main living space, tucked back into the rock through which it buries.

The rockface feature wall slopes dramatically with the natural descent of the mountain.

Behind the lounge area, a round dining table is equipped for large dinner parties. The cluster of dining pendant lights matches those above the lounge to accomplish a cohesive aesthetic in the extensive space.

A lush courtyard brings nature indoors. Plants flourish in the influx of natural sunlight that pours through the glazed walls and ceiling.

Despite the considerable size of the living space, the kitchen island is relatively modest in proportion. It offers adequate space for food prep whilst housing the kitchen sink and hob.

Stepping stones allow the homeowner to tiptoe further into the graveled courtyard.

Modern pendant lights make an eye-catching statement above the kitchen island.

A comfortable lounge chair offers a spot to sit and enjoy the courtyard vista, to think, or to read.

A spiral staircase winds up through the rocky mountain, embracing another, smaller courtyard. LED perimeter lights cast an atmospheric glow down the deeply textured rockface creating visual drama.

Interior glass walls open a bedroom up to spectacular views, via the living space.

The commanding mountain makes another fabulous feature wall behind a cozy upholstered bed.

The large bedroom contains a freestanding bathtub, which is positioned to look out over the mountainside.

A plush, shag rug forms an island of softness around the bed.

A glass ceiling allows the homeowners to snooze under the sparkle of a star-filled sky.

The second bedroom features an enormous, round skylight to frame the moon.

An ensuite bathroom vanity area is set to one side of the luxury bedroom.

A round vanity mirror echoes the shape of the skylight.

Even the home gym has an enviable view.

The back of the gym brings the mountain terrain up close.

Back in the main living space, we visit a reflection pool next to the kitchen and courtyard. A deeper, circular pool dips into its center. Stepping stones make a path around the water’s edge.

Up on the roof terrace, an outdoor pool floods around a romantic, al fresco eating area for two. This is a place where cellphones are off, nature sets the soundtrack, and troubles float away on the breeze.

The underground garage is a large space that accommodates multiple vehicles for the homeowners and their guests.

Bare rockface is the only decor that’s needed to complement the collection of high-end vehicles.

Bright ribbons of white light bridge a phenomenal approach into the garage, which burrows through the mountain. The tunnel looks like a dramatic entryway into a superhero lair.

The boundary wall around the driveway is fashioned to coordinate with the cladding on the upper volume of the home. The black wood darkly contrasts the vibrant green environment.

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