Monochrome marble provides a crisp and clean elegance, whilst delivering dramatic moments of striking vein. Whilst marble elements are commonly used in bathrooms, this natural stone trend constructs stunning living areas too. White marble accents with bold black veining build a look of luxe in living room coffee tables, showstopping kitchen islands, and sleek TV walls. In these three inspirational home interiors, we’ll look at white marble pieces that are surrounded by the warm contrast of wooden accents. This combination of natural materials presents a high-end look with interesting texture. Fabulous modern chandelier designs and recessed perimeter lighting supply highlights, focus, and an atmospheric glow.

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Inside this minimalist living room, a simple white decor scheme presents a calm and peaceful background. White marble elements are brought in to build a look of understated luxury. The marble’s bold black marble vein inspires black accent furniture and artwork around the room.

A modern sectional sofa divides the open plan living room down the middle. In front of the L-shaped sofa arrangement, a sleek white marble coffee table strikes a moment of natural pattern.

A stylish living room chair brings in a moment of high-shine chrome. Its black upholstery complements the coffee table.

The TV wall follows a flat white minimalist approach. The white TV wall ends in a small but eye-catching integrated fireplace design. A Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 speaker sits roundly in the corner.

A selection of black and white decorative bowls, trays, books, and glass candlesticks neatly adorn the white marble coffee table. A large white living room rug is unfurled beneath it.

One wall of the living room is dedicated to storage, which is concealed behind wood slab-fronted doors. The wood grain introduces a visually warming element into the pale decor scheme.

A raw wooden dining bench makes a rustic statement alongside a white marble and wood dining island. An acrylic support leg gives the dining table extension a floating effect.

A unique linear suspension light blazes boldly above the kitchen island and dining table, extending to almost their full combined length.

On the white kitchen island, a matt white faucet continues the clean aesthetic.

Black and white dining chairs complement the monochrome kitchen island, whilst providing a stark contrast to the wooden dining table.

The rest of the kitchen is tucked quietly behind closed doors.

The kitchen units wrap around the island and dining spot in an L-shaped installation. Large-format floor tiles increase the sense of space.

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Another modular sofa splits our second featured home interior. A modern black and white coffee table is teamed up with the two-tone couch.

A pale grey living room rug helps to zone the sitting area from the open plan kitchen behind it.

Wooden storage units warmly flank a white TV wall.

Large windows accept an influx of natural light, which reflects across a white marble kitchen island and an integrated wooden dining table.

A black marble backsplash cuts through the white kitchen design. Fine white veining lightens the look of the dark stone expanse.

Modern fruit bowls make useful centrepieces for the kitchen island and the living room coffee table alike.

Six modern dining chairs seat up to six people around the wooden dining table.

A pair of linear suspension lights hang low to the dining table and the kitchen island in an overlapping formation.

The staircase stands open to the living room. A wide wooden base tread is atmospherically lit around its edge to produce a warm and glowing effect. The rest of the stair risers are clad with contrasting black stone.

A recessed shelf displays a large and quirky sculpture, which causes a visual pause between the lounge and the staircase.

Glass balustrades simplify the modern staircase design, whilst black edging provides solid definition.

Three of the dining chairs are upholstered in white, whilst the remaining three are covered in black. The dual-colour arrangement complements the coordinating detail in the stone island.

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Finally, our third featured home interior is an impressively large living room with high ceilings and tall windows.

A modern fireplace flames across a long grey stone hearth. A white marble TV wall is gracefully suspended from the ceiling above it.

Grey drapes heavily frame the large living room windows, hanging from a concealed ceiling track.

Out in the hallway of the home, a metallic console table lustres against dark wood grain wall panelling.

A modern staircase design rises behind the floating white marble TV wall.

A small mezzanine overlooks the home entryway via a glass balustrade. Wooden storage closets flank each side of the hallway with rich colour.

The edges of the entryway storage closets are rounded to achieve a smooth silhouette.

In the formal dining room, a circle chandelier complements a round dining table. Modern dining chairs seat up to eight people at meal times.

A circular ceiling recess draws further attention to the round chandelier and elevates the rounded decor theme.

The large marble kitchen island includes a long dining bar that accommodates 3-5 diners.

An extraordinary linear suspension lamp places a silvery, sculptural element above the dining bar.

A wine storage room is conveniently situated between the kitchen and the dining room. Glass walls place the bank of wine bottles on display.

Wooden kitchen units are suspended clear of the floor to achieve a spacious aesthetic.

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