Modern neutral decor sets a calm mood inside these two stylish home interiors. Shades of beige, light gray, white, and pale wood tone are joined by punchy black accents to sharpen the look. Furniture is contemporary by design, with a chic, understated essence. Light fittings are elegant and complementary to the space. Home design number one features a free-flowing living space with a subtly separated kitchen area and workspace. The master bedroom has a glass walk-in closet that delivers a lantern of atmospheric light. The second of our featured home designs has a wide open plan living room with a commanding kitchen island. The bedrooms are cool and minimal to instill a sense of peace.

Visualizer: Chanyshev Architect  

A soft modern sofa and a ribbed area rug create textural contrast in our first living room design.

The textured living room rug anchors the modular sofa in the open-plan space.

The TV wall is a smooth wood installation with curved corners. The screen is neatly recessed within a wall of shallow storage units. Towers of black display shelving provide a decorative touch.

A small side table and an ottoman establish a common circular motif.

A fluted glass tumbler ties in with the ribbed texture of the rug.

Elegant, sculptural pendant lights float above the lounge area with a lightweight look.

The open plan layout branches off into a home workspace. A huge window offers an influx of natural light.

A chic table lamp accessorizes the modern desk design.

A black desk chair darkly contrasts the white and wood desk.

Floating wall shelves hold a small selection of reference books.

The kitchen is subtly separated from the sitting area by a wood-slatted screen. The room divider allows the light and the line of sight to pass right on through. Recessed track lighting illuminates the white and wood kitchen.

A linear chandelier extends the full length of a central kitchen island. A fluted glass vase filled with greenery makes a pleasant centerpiece on the countertop.

Kitchen wall cabinets are double-banked to make the most of vertical storage space. Their fresh white colorway prevents visual overwhelm.

The wide hallway is fitted with made-to-measure wardrobes to store coats, bags, and bulky household items. An entryway bench offers a convenient place to sit whilst putting on shoes.

Beside the front door, a tower of shelves serves as shoe storage at the bottom and a decorative display up top. A full-length mirror is on hand for checking appearances on the way out.

Wood-slatted doors draw across a utility closet, which is equipped with a washing machine, tumble dryer, and clothes hanging rails.

Modern wood paneling smooths out the corners of the hallway that leads to the bedroom.

Inside the master bedroom, wood paneling is fragmented to fashion an interesting headboard feature wall. Black mini pendant lights hang black accents in front. A textured rug provides soft footing around the bed.

A glass walk in wardrobe creates a lantern of atmospheric light. Double doors slide open to give access to a U-shaped arrangement of clothes rails, shelves, and drawers.

The bedroom vanity table/desk is installed beside the window. A floor-to-ceiling mirror reflects the light and the view.

A second full-length mirror serves the dressing area.

The bathroom has a moody gray, black, and wood tone palette. Two stylish bathroom vanity lights are reflected in the vanity mirror, doubling their effect.

The modern bathtub is clad with wood panels to add extra visual warmth.

A round bathroom mirror is backlit to create an illuminated focal point.

Visualizer: MOK FORM  

A modern sofa floats free of an area rug in our second living room, creating a simple, minimalist aesthetic. Huge windows bring in bright, natural light to illuminate the soothing white, pale gray, and wood decor scheme.

A round coffee table adds a textural element to the living room layout with its deeply fluted sides.

The TV wall is clad with fresh white panels. The panels are illuminated under the glow of a LED strip that is recessed along the ceiling line. A low white media unit finishes the clean-cut media wall.

A large kitchen island commands the open-plan living space. The kitchen sink and hob are situated within its long worktop. The end of the long island is utilized as the dining space. Modern kitchen bar stools seat up to four people at the bench.

A thin ribbon of light threads up the kitchen wall and across the ceiling to achieve a sharp, wraparound effect. Under-shelf lighting brightens the prep area on the back wall.

The wood kitchen cabinets build a wall of texture, which warmly contrasts with the crisp white kitchen island. A simple glass vase and greenery provide the island centerpiece.

The cool white bedroom has a minimalist aesthetic. Built-in wardrobes smooth around the perimeter. Coordinating white paneling covers the headboard wall.

A gray upholstered headboard extends behind a floating white bedside unit to create a cohesive look. A mini bedroom pendant light drops low to the unit, providing focused task lighting.

Plain, pale gray bedclothes look soft and inviting. Matching gray drapes hang from a hidden track that is recessed up into a dropped ceiling. A line of LED light highlights the texture of the curtain fabric.

A custom-cut, full-length mirror is installed behind a floating wall unit, which doubles as a vanity area and a desk.

The second bedroom features a soft gray upholstered headboard wall.

A mini pendant light is paired with a small round bedside table.

An accent chair adds a darker tone to the room palette.

The bathroom is a clean white space with a built-in vanity unit.

White wall panels create a tailored look. Black bathroom fittings add punchy dark accents.

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