Shoe racks are now not just a place for you to store your shoe collection, but also a part of your room decoration. Of course, you don’t want your house to look messy because there are lots of shoes scattered around, especially if you are someone who really pays attention to the aesthetic value or beauty of a home, then choosing a cabinet or shoes is something that must be done.

Among the many models of shoe racks, wood is probably the most popular because it has many advantages. For example, wooden shoe racks easily blend with any room style, vary in size, and have various interesting patterns and motifs. Its relatively light weight and ability to last for a long time is certainly the main attraction of this shoe rack. For those of you who are looking for inspiration for wooden shoe racks that are aesthetic but also functional, here are some ideas that you should try!

1. Minimalist cabinet shoe rack


The minimalist feel is immediately visible from the design of this cabinet shoe rack. Inspired by Japandi style, the shoe rack emphasizes elements of wood and rattan which gives a natural impression. This shoe rack has a simple character but feels warm when placed in the corner of any room.

2. Cabinet shoe rack with glass


If you like a conventional cabinet style, choose a shoe cabinet with glass doors so you can easily see inside. The attractive combination of cabinets with natural wood finishes and glass doors makes them look attractive and functional.

3. Shoe rack with lots of storage areas


The more family members in the house, the more shoe storage area you need. The solution is to choose a shoe rack that can accommodate a variety of shoe collections ranging from children’s to adult shoes. Equipped with lots of storage shelves and a hidden bench that is easy to adjust, while the top can be used as a place to display accessories or your collection of items.

4. Shoe rack with bench


The combination of a shoe rack and bench is really comfortable when you want to take off or put on your shoes. A bench or seat that is too far from the shoe rack is certainly not effective because you have to move around just to put on shoes. The solution, you can combine a wooden shoe rack with a bench. Not only functional, this shoe rack also has a beautiful design.

5. Industrial style shoe rack


Want a cool and dynamic shoe rack model? You can try choosing a shoe rack with an industrial style. The combination of wood and metal makes this shoe rack even stronger and looks elegant, and it even has a seat on top.

6. Multifunctional shoe rack


Apart from functioning as a shoe rack, you can also use it for various storage purposes as well as a sitting area. This shoe rack design can accommodate a large shoe collection but has an aesthetic design. There are multi-purpose shelves, seating, and also shelves for displaying your accessories.

7. Wall-mounted shoe rack


For small rooms, consider a shoe rack that saves space and doesn’t take up too much space. This wall-mounted shoe rack is the best choice for you because it can be attached to or hung on the wall, so it doesn’t need a lot of space for it.

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