Federica Biasi established her design studio in Milan in 2015, working across product design, interior design and art direction.

You began your design career in Italy and spent years exploring Nordic design. How did this influence your work?

Purity and immediate simplicity define my work, while cleanliness in design and shapes are the Nordic influences that inform my work.

In 2015, you established your namesake studio. As a product designer and art director, does your approach to these two disciplines differ?

It is similar but different. When I work as a designer, I create something that represents me and, from my perspective, has a valid concept. As an art director, I work on the company’s strategy and values, always trying to give my touch, but the basis must always be the brand’s communication rather than the single product.


Read more of editor Sophie Lewis’ interview with Federica Biasi in the latest issue of est magazine, the Milan 2023 Special Issue, pp 102-113.

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