Mike and Courtney wanted to refresh their D.C. row house and chose designer Jeremiah Brent for the job. Brent is known for mixing modern and classic styles, making him a great fit for this project. The result is a stunning home that mixes old and new in a unique way.

House Makeover by Jeremiah Brent

Modern Touches to a Historic Home


The row house is in a historic part of D.C. and has beautiful old features. Brent kept these details, like the original wood floors and classic windows, but added modern touches. This mix keeps the home’s history alive while giving it a fresh look.

A Cozy, Stylish Living Room


The living room used to feel old-fashioned, but Brent turned it into a stylish and comfy space. He brought in modern furniture with simple designs and soft colors. This made the room feel new but still cozy. The new lighting, like a big chandelier, highlights the room’s best features.


A Kitchen That’s Both Pretty and Practical


Brent’s design shines in the kitchen. He made the space more useful and good-looking. The new appliances fit perfectly with custom cabinets painted blue, a nod to traditional D.C. homes. The marble counters and backsplash keep the kitchen looking classic.


Modern Kitchen In A Charming Historical Home


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A Relaxing Master Suite

Modern Kitchen In A Charming Historical Home


The master bedroom and bathroom feel like a luxury hotel. The bedroom has calming colors and special furniture, like a custom bed. The bathroom feels like a spa, with a big tub, a roomy shower, and two sinks.


Conclusion: A Beautiful Blend


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Jeremiah Brent’s makeover of Mike and Courtney’s home is special. It mixes old and new in a way that feels both stylish and cozy. Each room shows off this mix, making the house perfect for modern living while keeping its historical charm. This project shows how good design can make an old home feel new and exciting.

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