Danish design brand Menu has just released a collection of objects in collaboration with renowned stylist Colin King following the successful release of the Interconnect candle holder last year. Expressive in both form and scale, each piece is intended to be the striking finishing touch in a space.

Professionally trained as a dancer, Colin King found himself at the intersection between a dancer’s awareness of space and a stylist’s impulse to bring it to life before foraying into the realm of product design. Currently based in Tribeca, New York City, he finds himself in a balance between being on set, styling and designing from his studio. He is continuously inspired by life’s everyday rituals, gestures, and imperfections – made beautiful by their ever-evolving presence within a given space. 

My personal favorite from the collection would be the Sentiment Paper Weight. The object transforms the humble pear into a beautiful hand-shaped sculpture that captures the essence of the fruit’s rich and ripe beauty. Cast in brass with an antique finish, the weighty design references the use of the pear in art, as an enduring symbol of abundance and femininity.