Making Interiors Beautiful and Unique

Amanda Jacobs is a gifted interior designer, known for her ability to transform ordinary spaces into stunning, functional environments. Her unique blend of modern and traditional styles sets her apart in the world of interior design.

Bold Use of Color


Amanda’s designs often feature bold, vibrant colors. She skillfully uses shades like deep blue and bright yellow to inject life and energy into rooms. Her talent lies in balancing these colors, ensuring they harmonize well together, making the spaces warm and inviting.

A Fusion of Old and New


A key aspect of Amanda’s style is her ability to blend different design elements. She might combine a sleek, contemporary sofa with an antique rug, creating a unique and timeless atmosphere. This eclectic approach results in interiors that are both innovative and familiar.

Commitment to Eco-Friendly Design


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Sustainability is central to Amanda’s design philosophy. She prioritizes eco-friendly materials, contributing to environmentally responsible design. She also focuses on ethical sourcing, ensuring that her materials are produced with fairness and responsibility.

Understanding Client Needs


Amanda stands out for her deep commitment to understanding her clients. She believes that a space should reflect its occupants’ personalities and needs. She spends time with clients to grasp their preferences, ensuring that her designs are not only visually pleasing but also practical and comfortable.

Creating Comfortable and Personalized Spaces


Amanda’s designs are more than visually appealing; they’re spaces where people feel truly at home. Whether she’s designing a cozy family home, a sleek office, or an elegant hotel, her spaces are always welcoming and tailored to those who use them.

Educating and Inspiring


Beyond her design work, Amanda is passionate about educating others. She often shares her knowledge through workshops and social media, inspiring both aspiring designers and homeowners. Her tips on color selection, space utilization, and sustainable practices have made her a go-to source for design inspiration.

Pink, Orange and Blue Colors


Amanda loves using pink, orange and blue color in her designs. She picks colors like deep blue and blush pink to make rooms lively. She is great at mixing these colors so they look good together.

Mixing Old and New


Amanda is good at mixing different styles. She might put a modern chair next to an old painting. This mix makes her designs interesting and timeless.

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Eco-Friendly Design


Amanda cares about the environment. She uses materials that are good for the planet. She also makes sure the things she uses are made in a fair way.

Listening to Clients


What makes Amanda really special is how she listens to her clients. She wants to know what they like and need. This way, she makes spaces that are not just beautiful but also perfect for the people who use them.

Spaces That Feel Like Home


Amanda’s designs are more than just pretty. They are places where people feel happy and comfortable. Whether it’s a house, an office, or a hotel, her designs are welcoming and unique.

Amanda Jacobs is known for creating spaces that are not only good to look at but also feel like home. Her work is exciting and different, making her a designer worth watching.



In the dynamic world of interior design, Amanda Jacobs has made a name for herself by creating spaces that are beautiful, functional, and environmentally conscious. Her ability to listen to clients and blend various design elements makes her work distinctive and heartfelt. Amanda Jacobs is not just designing spaces; she’s creating homes filled with personality and warmth, making her an influential figure in modern interior design.

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