London design studio Banda announce their first project on Australian shores; Masthead Ocean Club on the Gold Coast.

Design studio Banda are undertaking the design of five sky homes, two sub-penthouses and one super-penthouse within a new development on the northern end of Gold Coast’s Main Beach. Comprising 28 units in total, each apartment spans an entire level of the building, taking in views of the sea, the city and the neighbouring hinterland.

Banda head of design Nicola Sherbon says Australia’s vast natural landscapes and geographical diversity were a driving force behind the dynamic colour palette. “Australia has an innate natural wonder to be celebrated – I wanted to imbue this into every detail of the design,” Nicola explains.The local hinterland with its dense green hues informed the monolithic green marble kitchen island, the biscuit-coloured plaster textured walls reflect the abundance of sand dotted throughout the coastline and the use of travertine Rosa nods to the “red earth” centre of Australia and the rich pigmented soils found there.”

Construction will commence over the next few months, with the entire development set to be complete by 2024.

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