Introducing ILVE; a technology-led brand combining European heritage, and culinary passion with local craftsmanship.

Channelling an understated European elegance through form, customisable colour, and culinary function, Italian brand ILVE has underpinned residential kitchen spaces for more than 60 years.

Join us as we discover the design evolution of ILVE with Eurolinx marketing manager Daniel Bertuccio. We explore how a shared passion for cooking between friends shaped ILVE’s core design principles, how the brand has diversified to meet the needs of a modern kitchen, and what we can look forward to seeing from this premium culinary brand in the year ahead.

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The ILVE 120cm Freestanding Nostalgie Series cooker makes a timeless statement in this kitchen space.

Take us back to Italy in 1969 when ILVE was established. What informed the company’s vision, and how did a shared passion between friends shape ILVE’s design principles?

Daniel Bertuccio: A love for food and family inspired best friends Evelino and Eugenio to start manufacturing high-quality Italian-made cooking appliances with a foundation built on what they wanted to represent paired with a relentless drive and meticulous design prowess. Their passion for cooking and sharing meals with loved ones instilled in them a deep appreciation for the importance of quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

They knew that their appliances had to be more than just functional – they had to be beautiful, reliable, and imbued with the same warmth and hospitality they experienced in their kitchens. To achieve this, they drew on their instinctual understanding of Italian culinary culture and the importance of family, infusing their products with a sense of tradition, quality, and authenticity.

A commitment to excellence and their unwavering belief in the power of food and family to bring people together have become hallmarks of their brand, inspiring loyalty and trust among customers around the world. In this way, their love for food and family continues to guide ILVE to create innovative, beautifully designed appliances that help people create unforgettable culinary experiences with their loved ones.

“A commitment to excellence and their unwavering belief in the power of food and family to bring people together have become hallmarks of their brand, inspiring loyalty and trust among customers around the world.


– Eurolinx marketing manager, Daniel Bertuccio

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As a premium brand, what does it mean to be a leader when it comes to kitchen appliances? 

Daniel Bertuccio: ILVE’s obligations as an industry leader stem further from selling high-end products; they strive to set the standard for excellence in every product touchpoint and interaction.

As a testament to enduring quality, innovation, and design – a commitment that has been honed and perfected since 1969 – ILVE prides itself on pushing the intersecting boundaries between technology and design by working with tried and tested quality materials and craftspeople. Beyond the products themselves, ILVE works to cultivate a deep understanding of the needs and desires of their customers – which includes offering a white glove service.

Can you please speak to the very first cooking products manufactured by ILVE and how this legacy has diversified over the past 60 years?

Daniel Bertuccio: Since 1969, ILVE has undergone a remarkable transformation to become a global luxury brand that still manufactures its comprehensive range of cooking appliances by hand in 2023. At the heart of this transformation has been a steadfast commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

As the brand grew in popularity ILVE maintained its core values and commitment to production style and continues to invest in cutting-edge technology while never compromising on the handmade quality that has become its trademark.

As ILVE expanded its reach, it continued to innovate and develop new products that combined technology with timeless elegance and style. And as the brand’s reputation for quality and innovation grew, so too did its global presence, with ILVE appliances now available around the world.

Despite having a global presence, ILVE has remained true to its Italian roots, continuing to manufacture products by hand and maintaining the same commitment to quality and craftsmanship that has guided the brand since its inception.

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ILVE’s Professional Plus series of ovens offers customers a more minimalistic and seamless design aesthetic using black glass.

What are some of ILVE’s most iconic products to date?

Daniel Bertuccio: ILVE is well regarded for its freestanding cookers, which come available in four iconic styles, in five sizes and include a multitude of colourways making it a popular choice for many different kitchen designs. ILVE also offers a range of built-in ovens and professional cooktops, including their trademarked brass burner. The latest professional PLUS range features the ULTRA Combi 3-in-1 oven with steam, microwave, and oven functions which is also a popular choice.

The kitchen is often referred to as the beating heart of the home. So how does ILVE meet the needs of a modern-day kitchen?

Daniel Bertuccio: ILVE recognises the changing role of the kitchen in today’s home, and they endeavour to continue to meet these needs by creating products that reflect this new reality. ILVE’s handcrafted appliances are not just designed to be the kitchen workhorse; they are also crafted with style and sophistication in mind, helping to elevate the kitchen into a space that is both functional and beautiful.

What recent kitchen styles or movements have ILVE observed within the global design community?

Daniel Bertuccio: ILVE is constantly looking at developing trends and evolutions in product design and evaluating how they can integrate these within the brand values. In more recent times, the addition of bold colours has taken a more prominent place. To reflect this, ILVE now offers a universal custom colour selection of up to 221 colours across its complete range of cookers. Black glass has also become a global material movement. ILVE has adopted this material through their Professional Plus series of ovens, offering customers a more minimalistic and seamless design aesthetic.

What do Australian architects and designers have to look forward to from ILVE in 2023?

Daniel Bertuccio: We’re excited to share that 2023 will see the official release of ILVE’s futuristic Panoramagic series and our new freestanding cooker with pyrolytic cleaning function and 120cm cooker with seven zone induction cooktop, so lots on the horizon!

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Balmoral Blue House by Esoteriko | Photography by Dave Wheeler

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