At the end of November, the Pikku Napoli restaurant opened its doors in a former shipyard area close to the city center in Helsinki. The area is an up-and-coming meeting spot for food and culture and the design of the artisan pizzeria is done by renowned Finnish design studio Joanna Laajisto.

The interior design of Pikku Napoli: an eclectic combination of patterns and materials

An exposed ceiling for an industrial effect matching the shipyard surroundings

The interior concept of the restaurant is inspired by its rugged shipyard surroundings. The functional components in the ceiling are still exposed, giving the interior an industrial touch, yet everything is painted in a warm cream color, just like the ceiling for an elegant effect.

While usually in industrial buildings it’s the ceiling that is darker, in this beautiful design it’s the other way around with the cream color on top and the dark stained wood walls and the tiled flooring on the bottom.

The Tekiò Circular pendants from Santa & Cole distantly remind of a lifebuoy, which is another hint to the restaurants’ shipyard environment, yet at the same time they spread the softest light throughout the space to create a cozy ambiance.

A mixture of materials for a timeless yet contemporary look

The dark stained wood walls and custom modules like the bar and storage provide a rich backdrop for classic materials like green leather, brass details, and different patterns in the ceramic tiles. The overall aesthetic looks eclectic and playful, yet in a soft and elegant way.

The combination of mid-century-modern elements, the playful patterns in the tiles and the striped round table and the industrial look makes for an interesting design that sort of happened upon coincidence as studio Joanna Laajisto was taken aboard the project only after unexpected reconstruction needed to be done on the sight.

Photography by Mikko Ryhänen

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