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Leading with the best when you enter your home and the rooms within it requires getting to grips with your door handles as a key part of your design process. They can ultimately see your abode age terribly if you don’t, so to ensure lasting appeal, be guided by your architectural aesthetic while considering how you want them to feel to the touch. Ensure cohesion throughout your home, but know your handles (and other hardware) don’t have to match exactly — you could champion a common thread other than colour or material, such as the same shapes with different finishes or different shapes with the same finish.

Insist on style, quality and the best handles with Windsor Architectural Hardware
MAIN IMAGE & ABOVE Give your handles the Windsor touch with sophisticated stock finishes (classics including Brushed Nickel and Satin Chrome, or bolder, like Matt Black). Or go for a bespoke hand finish — choose from seven Living finishes (such as Natural Bronze and Roman Brass), five Lacquered finishes (like Antique Bronze and Matt Satin Brass), or the powdercoated option pictured in the main image, in any colour from the Dulux or Prismatic Powders ranges.

Currently celebrating 40 years in business, Invercargill-based Windsor Architectural Hardware’s on-point artisan finishes began back in the day with knobs dipped in lacquer in buckets in the family-business owners’ backyard, then left to cure in the living room. In the spirit of innovation the company is recognised for, these days, skilled artisans leave Windsor’s smooth or knurled forged-brass handles to age naturally (aka a Living finish), apply resin lacquer for a gloss or matte effect (a Lacquered finish), or have them powdercoated in an array of colours. These top-notch choices and then some are yours to make wisely and admire forevermore.


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