Discover smart wardrobe storage solutions from leading furniture fittings manufacturer Blum.

A reputable supplier of premium furniture fittings, Blum are trusted by architects and designers worldwide to deliver on both function and aesthetics. With Blum, we’ve delved into what epitomises ‘the functional kitchen’, drawing on a range of space-optimising products crafted to elevate users’ everyday lives. We then explored what epitomises ‘the functional bathroom’, drawing on a range of storage-efficient products crafted to redefine daily bathroom rituals. In the final instalment of our Blum Insider’s Guide series, we’re considering “What epitomises ‘the functional wardrobe’?”

Like the bathroom, the wardrobe represents one of the few moments in our day to enjoy complete solitude. This notion brings forth the concept of daily rituals and prompts reflective questions such as “How long do I want to spend getting ready each morning?” and “Do I want a minimalist wardrobe or a maximalist wardrobe?”. The answers to these questions will shape how you design your wardrobe space and how much storage you require. Regardless of your preferences, Blum offers an extensive range of storage solutions for wardrobes that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

The Blum SPACE TOWER, with its convenient vertical organisation, is an excellent solution for storing anything from clothes down to socks and shoes, the box system options for which include the LEGRABOX, MERIVOBOX, and TANDEMBOX Antaro. To keep unwanted mess inside the drawers at bay, the AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system ensures everything is exactly where it needs to be, while the MOVENTO runner system for timber designs offers a wardrobe solution that not only looks good but also has full-extension pull-outs and smooth running action.

Produced in partnership with Blum

est Living Rob Mills Architecture Interiors Middleton 00008

Project 1

est living Middleton by Rob Mills Architecture Interiors 00001

Project 1, featuring the Blum MOVENTO runner system

est living blum wardrobe storage melbourne design studios 03

Project 2, featuring the Blum TIP-ON BLUMOTION

est living blum wardrobe storage melbourne design studios 02

Project 2, featuring the Blum LEGRABOX box system in Terra Black and CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges in Onyx Black

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