We explore how incorporating garden pots into an outdoor design can contribute to a soft and sculptural living environment.

Including handcrafted pot plants within a home’s landscape design is an impactful way of elevating an outdoor space. Planters and pots allow for creativity and personalisation and provide a biophilic connection between the inside of a home and its surrounding outdoor spaces. From paved poolsides to courtyards and even balconies, the thoughtful placement of pots can enhance the external aesthetic of a house and provide natural screening for privacy in urban areas. We delve into Hibernate Outdoor’s organically shaped garden containers and how they can build an inviting sanctuary en plein air.

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Strategically positioned potted gardens can serve as living sculptures, adding colour, texture, and a visual focal point to outdoor spaces. Living pots also foster a  connection to nature and help to craft a seamless transition between the indoors and outside by softening the boundaries between each zone with greenery, extending living and entertaining areas, and providing shade where required.

Each handcrafted Hibernate Outdoors pot collection has been designed with a specific angle at the base of each pot, from 86 degrees through to 92 degrees, to create an organic silhouette that works to complement other design elements, such as furniture, architectural features, or outdoor artwork. Spanning from modern to minimalistic, these garden containers complement a variety of aesthetics and design concepts, courtesy of their diverse tactile textures and naturally derived colours.

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Insider’s Guide to Outdoor Pots and Planters with Hibernate
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