Explore handmade, richly-toned Moroccan rugs from Halcyon Lake’s artisanal range. 

“Buy once, buy well” is the philosophy behind bespoke Melbourne-based rug brand Halcyon Lake. Now in its fifth decade, Halcyon Lake offers hand-made, richly toned interior rugs for the design-discerning buyer. The dual appeal of a Halcyon Lake rug is that they’re contemporary yet timeless, while all honour and respect the artistry of rug making.

As a long-standing family business, the Halcyon Lake name denotes more than just a rug brand; it denotes a dedicated team of rug experts driven by design integrity and enduring craft. “The focus has always been to discover and share the incredible skill and technique of craftspeople worldwide. That drives us to search for new and beautiful products,” director David Kiely says.

Halcyon Lake’s range of one-off Moroccan rugs reflects Morocco’s age-old rug-making techniques, defined by exotic colours and textures. These nine Moroccan rugs are from Halcyon Lake’s Atlas and Beni M’rirt collections, all made according to traditional Berber weaving techniques. The Atlas collection is made with thick, high-quality wool that’s cosy underfoot, while the Beni M’rirt collections are made with thin, high-quality wool that creates a sumptuous texture.

Produced in partnership with Halcyon Lake

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Interior design by Marsha Golemac | Photography by Lillie Thompson

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