Inspired by the vibrant kitchens of European farmhouses, we’ve curated a collection of our favourite range cookers from Belling. Join us as we explore how these colourful cookers can become a hero design element in this space.

A key appliance to achieving a rustic yet refined country-style kitchen space, we’ve long been admirers of statement-making range cookers and the handcrafted, timeless appeal they offer to a provincial aesthetic.

From a modern Flemish farmhouse, classic shaker style to a charming English country cottage, we find inspiration in each of these agricultural-inspired decors to discover the essential design element that unifies them all – a premium freestanding range cooker. The below cross-section of Belling range cookers have been handpicked for the colourful charm that each one adds to the kitchen.

With a deep sense of pride in their British roots, Belling has played a vital role in providing premium ovens to passionate culinary enthusiasts for over a hundred years. Belling’s commitment to technological progress can be traced back to 1939 when they introduced the first oven in Britain with glass doors. Today, they uphold their dedication to manufacturing all of their range cookers exclusively in the United Kingdom.

Radiating comfort and warmth and encouraging a classical approach to preparing meals amongst friends and family, a range cooker typically combines a multiple gas burner stovetop and a robust oven in a single unit. Known for their classic, vintage appearance Belling range cookers go hand-in-hand with old-worldly elegance.

A range cooker can be one of the most important decisions in the kitchen – and the visual anchor to which all other elements can be shaped around. Belling’s collection of coloured cookers offer an even more commanding presence as a visual centerpiece. From Chilli Red to Midnight Blue, Belling range cookers come in an array of contemporary colours allowing homeowners the individuality and flexibility to choose the shade and size that best suits their aesthetic and culinary needs.

Produced in partnership with Belling

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Lovely Laura the Second kitchen space designed by Brave New Eco features a Belling Richmond Deluxe 90cm Gas-Through-Glass Range Cooker in white | Photography by Marnie Hawson

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