Smeg drew on their Italian heritage to create their ‘Classic’ collection; appliances that epitomise style and innovation in the kitchen.

Since its inception in 1948 in the small Italian town of Guastalla, Smeg has evolved into a design force in the kitchen space. Their range of high-quality kitchen appliances bears the unmistakable mark of the brand, making them instantly recognisable in the kitchen. While renowned for their retro-inspired designs and vibrant palettes, Smeg are also a champion of the classic.

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Introduced more than 30 years ago, Smeg’s ‘Classic’ collection remains a cherished cornerstone of their brand. Created in collaboration with Italian architect Guido Canali, the Classic pieces speak to the brand’s Italian heritage, imbuing them with a timeless elegance. Guido seamlessly applied his knowledge of large-scale architectural projects to small-scale appliances, favouring elegant yet durable materials such as stainless steel and anthracite. His meticulous attention to detail, down to the control knobs on the ovens, which have become a lasting hallmark, has ensured the collection’s longevity through the decades.

Beyond aesthetics, the collection places a premium on user experience, aligning with Smeg’s mission to deliver stylish appliances with cutting-edge technology. The Classic ovens, induction cooktops, and rangehoods are tailored to assist the at-home chef with their ease of use and many functions.  Embracing the cardinal kitchen rule of ‘clean as you go,’ the Classic dishwashers are a paragon of reliability.

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“Classic appliances take centre stage in the kitchen, the heart of the home, the gathering place for so many.”


– Bonnie Sudirwan, Brand Manager at Smeg Australia

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