Coinciding with the recent launch of ‘Tailored’ collection by Abode, we catch up with Mim Design founder Mim Fanning to discuss her bespoke approach to bedroom styling.

Melbourne-based bedding brand Abode redefined bedroom styling when they launched ‘Tailored’, a 170-piece collection of premium Italian fabrics offering virtually limitless styling possibilities for finished, custom bed linen. Interior designer Mim Fanning, whom Abode have collaborated with in the past and engaged the input of while creating the ‘Tailored’ bed linen collection, speaks first-hand of the new range’s unrivalled flexibility. “There isn’t a collection like this out there,” she expresses. We sat down with Mim to explore how the collection supports her “simple yet layered” approach to bedroom styling, uncovering its broader significance in bedroom design. 

In partnership with Abode

Horizon Flinders by Mim Design

Horizon Flinders by Mim Design featuring bedding by Abode | Photography by Peter Clarke

“Who doesn’t want to have the best night’s sleep, luxuriously cocooned in natural tailored bedding?”


– Mim Fanning

“The Tailored collection enables customisation across all components of bedroom styling, including colour palettes, fabric choices and patterns,” Mim says. “This empowers individuals to choose pieces that truly resonate with them and cater to their specific bedroom requirements.” In selecting bedding that is right for you, Mim advises, “It’s important to not just select pieces that you like the look of, but that evoke an emotional response.” The texture of the fabric, she says, is especially important as it’s a deeply personal choice of how you want your bedding to feel. “Do you prefer soft sheets over crispy sheets? Linen over cotton? These are important considerations when styling the bedroom that goes beyond just aesthetics,” she says.

Mim also highlights the role of seasons in bedroom styling, which Abode considered while creating their Tailored collection. “As we move from winter into spring, or from summer into autumn, the collection offers the chance to reset with a fresh seasonal colour palette,” Mim says. She even introduced a clever touch with the collection’s removable bedhead slips, ensuring that every feature of the bed could be part of the transformation.

Contact Abode to find out more about Tailored and how you can create Tailored pieces for the bedroom.

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