Explore Perth-based paint company Bauwerk Colour’s sustainable selection of limewash neutral paint.

For more than twenty years, Perth-based paint company Bauwerk Colour have brought nature into the home through their extensive range of limewash paints. Inspired by the natural world and living in synergy with our surroundings, each swatch is sourced from the finest pigments on Earth.

In the spirit of Bauwerk’s fundamental philosophies, we’ve curated a selection of neutral paint from their colour range. Contrary to popular belief, neutral colours can be incredibly complex in tone and temperature; choosing the right neutral requires time and consideration. What all neutral paints share is a low saturation, making them calming and gentle to the eye.

Neutrals are compatible with a broad range of colours, patterns and textures. However, this is dependent on the quality of light within a space; some neutrals will appear warmer or cooler depending on whether they are exposed to artificial or natural light. As experts in the nuances of neutral limewash paint, the Bauwerk Colour team are well versed in making these important distinctions. 

Produced in partnership with Bauwerk Paint

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