Track lighting from world-renowned Italian brand Viabizzuno serves as both an ambient and architectural accent lighting option. We explore its versatility.

The original maestro of light, Mario Nanni is the forward-thinking founder and creative force behind Italian-based Viabizzuno; a globally recognised architectural lighting firm that proudly designs and manufactures their state-of-the-art products in Italy. Well-regarded for their innovative contributions to architectural lighting design since 1994, Viabizzuno has gained global acclaim for its high-quality, minimalist lighting fixtures that seamlessly blend with architectural spaces. Viabizzuno believes that ‘architecture is a projection of light’ and, all too often, light is a corrective measure to hide or improve something that has already taken shape. “Light is a fundamental part of the architecture, so it is essential to design the right light,” Nanni says.

Track lighting creates a well-balanced lighting scheme that provides overall illumination, commonly used to emphasise specific architectural or art elements within a home. In this est Insider’s Guide, we honour the clean lines and minimalist versatility of track lighting from Viabizzuno, exclusively at vboaustralia.

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Viabizzuno Traccia Scomparsa Totale with Ecomini

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