Explore the est guide to accent lounge chairs from Minneapolis-based furniture brand Blu Dot.

Blu Dot had its humble beginnings in 1997 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when three college friends – two architects and a sculptor – began sketching furniture designs out on a roll of butcher paper. They were motivated by the limited availability of affordable modern furniture at the time and aimed to revolutionise the industry. Over the next 25 years, Blu Dot expanded to three different countries, including the US, Mexico and Australia, and established more than 17 showrooms globally. Their furniture, renowned for its beauty, functionality, and affordability, has earned them a well-deserved reputation. 

Each Blu Dot design is underpinned by the belief that “design should do more than just look good; it needs to consider how each of us live and work, finding creative ways to make both easier and more delightful.” As such, each piece is personal and functional, allowing them to be enjoyed by everyone for many years.

Each piece is designed, manufactured and distributed by Blu Dot, ensuring that the company values of authenticity and accessibility are upheld at every step. From the first sketch to when the product arrives safely at your door, the entire experience is shaped by a team of experts.

We’ve decided to hero a furniture category that Blu Dot are renowned for, chairs – more specifically, accent lounge chairs. Whether it’s the living room, the bedroom, the study, or even the dining room, an accent lounge chair is a simple way to liven up a space. These nine accent lounge chairs from Blu Dot make a statement through materiality, colour and shape, all the while taking into consideration the comfort of the user.

If you’re looking for elegant and streamlined, opt for the SideBySide, Method or Nonesuch lounge chair; if you’re looking for bold and textural, opt for the Puff Puff, Neat or Council Swivel lounge chair; and if you’re looking for natural and sculptural, opt for the Toro, About Face Swivel or Heyday lounge chair.

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