La Pavoni coffee machines and appliances are handcrafted in Italy, a country famous for its rich culinary and coffee culture, making them a go-to brand for barista-grade coffee at home.

Dating back to 1905, La Pavoni has a deep history in the espresso industry, and they have continued their legacy of incorporating traditional manufacturing methods with artisanal techniques to offer coffee connoisseurs around the globe premium coffee machines and appliances.

With an enduring commitment to Italian culture, design excellence, and craftsmanship and in the spirit of embracing the Italians’ rich coffee culture and traditions, we’ve curated our favourite La Pavoni coffee appliances below.

An ongoing pledge to excellence and innovation has shaped La Pavoni as an iconic brand. So much so, owning a La Pavoni machine is seen as the ultimate show of appreciation for coffee craftsmanship and tradition.

Designed to produce an exceptional cup of coffee from the convenience and comfort of one’s home, La Pavoni prioritises high-grade materials and precise brewing engineering to extract the rich flavours of the coffee beans for a smooth and balanced cup of coffee.

Selected semi-professional machines feature customisable settings and controls allowing the user to tailor their coffee preference for an enhanced brewing experience. The ability to adjust elements such as the water temperature and brewing pressure, in conjunction with the professional steam wand empowers the operator to craft any hot beverage to satisfy even the most demanding coffee enthusiast and their guests.

At the heart of La Pavoni’s coffee machines is their lever-operated espresso machines that harnesses the potential of coffee grounds, meticulously delivering the perfect espresso through operator-controlled extraction. All of this is achieved through the straightforward action of raising the lever to build pressure and then lowering it to pull an incredibly flavoursome espresso.

La Pavoni captures Italian design detail; built to last and with premium materials, each one a classical piece of art and crafted for performance, ensuring that it deserves a place in the home of every coffee lover or espresso devotee.

Produced in partnership with La Pavoni.

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