British maximalism elegant country bathroom

Welcome to a journey through the whimsical and captivating world of interior architect and designer Martin Brudnizki. Nestled amidst the idyllic landscapes of Sussex, his country retreat is a celebration of English tradition, infused with a delightful touch of eccentricity. In this article, we will explore the enchanting interiors, extraordinary design choices, and the story behind this joyfully over-the-top British country retreat.

British maximalism elegant country living room
British maximalism elegant country kitchen
British maximalism elegant country green kithen with decorating plates on the wall
British maximalism elegant country bedroom
British maximalism elegant country marble bathroom
British maximalism elegant country yellow drawing room
British maximalism elegant country blue guest bedroom

British maximalism elegant country blue guest bedroom

British maximalism elegant country primary bedroom
British maximalism elegant country pink dressing room
British maximalism elegant country antiques-filled drawing room
traditional green hall
British maximalism elegant country green hallway with antique scones
Brudnizki in the drawing room of his British country home
pink Pierre Frey fabric covers the dressing room walls
maximalism traditional elegant living room sofa by And Objects is upholstered in a Carmine Fadini Borghi velvet ikat
maximalism traditional elegant yellow and red dining room with Curtains of a Braquenié toile

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A Fusion of English Tradition and Individuality

Martin Brudnizki‘s country retreat is a testament to his unique design philosophy, blending English tradition with a distinct personal touch. The interiors are a visual feast, where antiques sourced from across the U.K. mingle with vibrant fabrics and eclectic artwork. Brudnizki’s love for maximalism is evident in every corner, as he fearlessly embraces patterns, colors, and textures to create an immersive experience.

The Drawing Room: A Tapestry of Antiques and Art

As you step into the drawing room, you are greeted by an array of antiques curated from various corners of the U.K. Each piece tells a story and adds to the rich tapestry of the space. The room is adorned with an overscale mohair-topped ottoman by Christiane Baumann and And Objects armchairs in a Jean Monro toile. Above, an 18th-century-style chandelier made in Venice illuminates the space. The walls are adorned with paint by Edward Bulmer, creating a harmonious backdrop for the eclectic mix of furnishings.

Embracing Exuberance: The Playful Details

One of the defining features of Brudnizki’s country retreat is the attention to playful details. Lampshades piped with ruffles, fabrics bursting with floral patterns, and touches of mirrored glass add a sense of exuberance to the interiors. Nothing is too extravagant or over-the-top for Brudnizki, as he revels in the joy of creating a space that defies expectations. The result is a home that sparks curiosity and invites guests to immerse themselves in its vibrant atmosphere.

A Personal Narrative Through Art

Art plays a significant role in Brudnizki’s country retreat, with every piece carefully chosen to contribute to the narrative of the space. The drawing room serves as a gallery, showcasing an eclectic mix of art, from Old Masters to contemporary works. The couple’s passion for the local area is evident, as they have incorporated paintings depicting the Sussex landscape. Each artwork adds depth and character to the space, weaving together a visual story that reflects the personal tastes and interests of its inhabitants.

The Bedroom: A Haven of Whimsy

Brudnizki’s maximalist approach extends to the bedroom, where each space becomes a whimsical retreat. The primary bedroom features a diminutive 19th-century portrait of a Roman soldier, adding a touch of history and intrigue. The kitchen dining area is defined by a verdant tapestry by Hines of Oxford, creating a lush and inviting atmosphere. Even the bath is adorned with 18th-century prints of the kings and queens of England, transforming the space into a regal sanctuary.

The Narrative of Camouflage: Maximalism as an Escape

For Brudnizki, maximalism is not just about visual extravagance; it is a form of escape and camouflage. The abundance of patterns and objects creates a sense of intimacy and comfort, allowing guests to disappear into the room’s vibrant tapestry. Walking into one of Brudnizki’s spaces is like stepping into a painting by Vuillard, where one becomes part of the art itself. The layers of patterns and textures create a haven where one can lose themselves in the beauty of the surroundings.

Embracing Individuality: A Design Philosophy

Brudnizki’s country retreat is a testament to the power of embracing individuality in design. The couple’s refusal to conform to traditional expectations has allowed them to create a space that is truly their own. By infusing their personalities and unique perspectives into the interiors, they have crafted a home that is a reflection of their dreams and desires. It serves as a reminder that design should be a personal journey, where self-expression knows no limits.


Martin Brudnizki‘s British country retreat is a testament to the enchanting possibilities of design. Through his maximalist approach, he has created a space that is as whimsical as it is captivating. Every room tells a story, blending English tradition, vibrant colors, and playful details. It is a home that invites guests to lose themselves in its vibrant tapestry and embrace the joy of individuality. Brudnizki’s country retreat is a reminder that design should be a celebration of personal narrative and a reflection of one’s unique perspective.

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