Industrial-Chic Boro Hotel nyc

Rediscover the Aesthetic and Ambiance of Industrial Chic Found in Boro Hotel New York City.

From the simplicity found in raw materials of wood, concrete, and metal present in factory buildings comes an opportunity for repurposing and renovation, a technique widely used in industrial-chic design conversions.

Industrial Chic dated way back when spaces such as once big factories, warehouses, or even abandoned firehouses were converted into livable, loft-like homes seen in pop culture television and movie references.

The beauty in transforming historic commercial buildings into prestigious and trending industrial chic and highly functioning, well-designed residential spaces that can host staycations and accommodate hotel-like amenities has been brought to life by Boro Hotel New York City.

Boro Hotel NYC

Industrial-Chic Boro Hotel New York City boasts conservative and concealed designs with minimalistic and raw features. Therefore that compliments the metropolitan city vibe in most living spaces.

The interior design elements of the ol building that now holds Boro Hotel has now shown that raw, minimalistic, and unfinished interiors can be continued to be used and reinvented. Showcasing a more warm, happy, and cheerful modern look. The interior style is perfect for guests that would like to check-in and stay with to experience the vibe.

This urban residential space that Industrial-Chic Boro Hotel New York City displays, give guests an appreciation of the interior design that was the center and goal of the refurnishing and transformation of the hotel space.

Boro Hotel

From the humble beginning of nothingness, as the building owner described, the space took a vast and climatic turnaround that now displays the use of natural light. High rise ceilings and scenic views of Manhattan. Hand-scraped oak for the floor, wainscoting and soffits constructed from painted pallet wood with geometric and contrasting color palettes. That seem to compliment the Industrial Chic aesthetic and vibe.

Boro Hotel New York City

Boro Hotel has made sure to combine the modern finish and unconventionally exposed and functional designs into the hotel space. The hallways to the 108 total guest rooms with a uniform color-blocked stripe of gray-blue paint are seen in the place. Once in the room, there is a custom bed with an upholstered headboard. The amazing view of the New York skyline seen from the big industrial windows. The Presence of repurposed pipes seen in the lobby. Exposed ductwork are displayed openly instead of concealed. This is much similar to the themes of how commercial buildings were in the Industrial Age. Above all this works well now in modern ages.


The area and spaces in Boro hotel are made sure to evoke similar moods and temperatures all throughout. Whether the corridor, guest room, or any of the public spaces. The structure, services, light, texture, and colors are seen consistently conveying a more solid and concrete design.

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