If you own a small shop on a busy street or have rented out some store space in a mall, it can sometimes be difficult to keep business coming in. While many people are willing to walk into a store they’ve never heard of before out of sheer curiosity, some will prefer to stick to the names they know. Thankfully for you, there are easy methods out there to attract more customers.

This article will provide some tricks and tips to draw more eyes to your store, from channel letter signs to tips for window displays. Hopefully, this article and the resources it provides will help increase people’s awareness of your store, driving more traffic and sales in the process.


How to Make Your Business Stand Out

Install Channel Letter Signs

While the term channel letter sign may be new to you, you already know what they are. Channel letter signs are the metal or plastic letters you see on the sides of buildings. They frequently have lights inside so you can read the business’s name even on dark and dreary nights.

There are many different types of channel letter signs, such as backlit, metal construction, exposed neon, and more. If you have a small streetside shop, installing one may be exactly what you need to draw the attention of passersby. These do tend to be large, though, so you may need to consider a smaller sign of some form instead.

As you decide what your sign should look like and say, be sure the font you use is easy to read and that the colors don’t blend together and make it hard to read for that reason. On that note, let’s discuss colors next.

Use Eye-Catching Colors

Finding the right colors for your business and brand is either the easiest part of the process or the most difficult. If you’re struggling, then you may want to consider common eye-catching color combinations or look into color theory.

While the latter may sound strange, colors have been studied extensively. As a result, we know that reds, oranges, and yellows are the most eye-catching colors. You can’t just create a combination of these colors and call it a day, though. While some people think red and orange work well together, others find that they clash, and throwing yellow into the mix may create a tacky sign that draws some customers away.

A good rule of thumb is to go look into what colors mean for buyers and the feelings that are associated with them. Look at the color wheel and consider selecting colors that are across from each other, as they can contrast in a potentially beautiful way. You can also simply get some paint color samples and sit them next to each other, which will allow you to visualize the colors you want to use and see how well they might go together before making a final decision.

Create a Beautiful Window Display

A window display is probably one of the first things you think of when it comes to driving more traffic to your store.

There are a few tips to consider when creating a window display, such as stepping outside of your store and seeing where your potential customer’s eyes land first. Determine this spot and mark it off to find it later, and consider its location carefully as you design the display.

Since this is where your eye landed, consider it the average eye level of the people walking past. You’ll then want to place items that vary in height, width, shape, and color to help create an intriguing display. Don’t just think on a 2-dimensional plane, however, and play around with depth, since this will help intrigue potential customers to stop and admire your display or even enter the shop to see what you have to offer.

For example, if you own a bakery, place your specialty or daily special at eye level and surround it with shelves and tables covered in all of the delicious treats you sell. Doing so will allow customers to see and admire your handiwork as they decide whether or not they’d like to enjoy your pastries.

As another example, a clothing store could put a mannequin in a beautiful dress to catch the eyes and then surround it with accessories before hanging up hats a bit behind the main display. In the end, an empty window is to a store owner what a fresh canvas is to a painter: a blank slate awaiting your creative vision.

Making Your Business Stand Out

There are a lot of ways to draw people’s attention to your business, and even the ideas we did provide have way more depth than we could ever hope to cover in a basic article fully.

However, if you’re still stumped, try to browse the internet for ideas or call on a few friends to lend their advice and opinions. Sometimes, you just need an outside perspective to help you see what’s right in front of you.

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